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Publisher: Microsoft
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Patch zu Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors

Schon lange erfreut sich das Add-On The Conquerors größter Beliebtheit unter Echtzeit-Strategen, weil es eine Vielzahl neuer Features in Age of Empires 2 integriert. Aber auch hier schlichen sich kleine Unstimmigkeiten ein, die der offizielle Beta-Patch (Benutzung auf eigene Gefahr!) beheben soll: Der Patch bringt neue Maps, optimiert einige Gameplay-Features und behebt eine Reihe an Bugs. Mehr dazu auf der nächsten Seite...

Download Beta-Patch für AoE2: The Conquerors (2,4 MB)

Beta Patch zu Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors

Da es sich um eine Beta-Version handelt, gibt es weder technischen Support, noch eine Garantie seitens Microsoft. Die Benutzung erfolgt zwar auf eigene Gefahr, aber nach der Installation gibt es zwei Shortcuts auf Eurem Desktop, die es Euch freistellen, die alte oder die gepatchte Version zu starten. Lokalisiert ist diese Version nicht, also dürfte der ein oder andere englische Text nach Installation auftauchen.

Hier der offizielle Readme-Text mit allen Verbesserungen, Bugfixes und Neuigkeiten:


This beta contains numerous bug fixes & play balance changes. Some of the more obscure bug fixes are not listed here. To speed the release of the patch, this beta does NOT incorporate language localization. If you install the patch over a non-English-language version of Age of Kings, then some phrases and descriptions may appear in English.


  • Open ground is always green on the minimap, even on snow or sand terrain.

  • Black Forest no longer turns up if you select Random Map or Land Random.

  • Farms can be queued to 40.

  • Fish traps now provide food at a faster rate, about equal to shore fish.

  • All archery range units (except hand-cannoneers) now do 1 additional damage to spearman-line units.

  • Camels are now as quick to train as spearmen.

  • Viking Berserks now move as fast as pikemen.

  • Celtic Woad Raiders now move faster (they run faster than Eagle Warriors who lack Squires).

  • Bombard Cannons do 80 additional damage to buildings.

  • New Multiplayer-only map type "Blind Random". This selects randomly between a number of different map types, and you are not told what kind of map you are playing on.

  • Aztecs now get free Loom

  • Castles now take 200 build points to construct instead of 150.

  • Custom Random Maps

    New ES Custom Maps are in the patch. To select one for play, go to Map Style and select "Custom". The following maps are included:

    ES@Canals_V2.rms ES@Capricious_V2.rms ES@Dingos_V2.rms ES@Graveyards_V2.rms ES@Metropolis_V2.rms ES@Moats_V2.rms ES@Paradise_Island_V2.rms ES@Prairie_V2.rms ES@Sherwood_Forest_V2.rms ES@Sherwood_Heroes_V2.rms ES@Shipwreck_V2.rms ES@Team_Glaciers_V2.rms ES@The_Unknown_V2.rms ES@Seasons_V2.rms

    These maps are NOT guaranteed to work effectively vs. a computer opponent or in certain game types. If you play Regicide on ES@Paradise_Island_V2, you will not get a castle or 10 starting villagers. You do get a king.

    Turbo Random Map

    To play this new Turbo style, select "Turbo Random Map" from the Game Type menu in either singleplayer or multiplayer mode. In this mode, all buildings work 2.5 times faster except when building econ units (fishing boats, trade ships & carts, villagers). All econ units gather 2.5 times faster and carry 2.5 times as many resources. Villagers construct buildings 2.5 times faster except for castles, towers, & wonders.

    Korean changes:

  • Shinkichon now increases onager range by 1 instead of 2, but also adds 30 building damage

  • Turtle ships have additional armor vs. galley-line ships & heated shot

  • Korean Villager LOS increased by 1 additional

  • Turtle ship artwork is changed to be more realistic

  • war wagon and elite war wagon range is reduced

    Feudal Age changes:

  • Scout cavalry get 2 attack once Feudal starts

  • Scout Cav produced from stables are now Aggressive stance

  • Loom provides 1 additional Pierce armor

  • Palisade walls get 3 additional Pierce armor Naval Warfare changes

  • Galleys now take 60 seconds to produce (War Galleys & Galleons still take 45 seconds)

  • Fireships & Fast Fireships have additional armor vs. galley-line ships

  • Fireships do additional damage vs. turtle ships Technology changes

  • Treadmill Crane, Masonry, Architecture, Hoardings, Fortified Wall, Guard Tower, and Keep have had their stone cost replaced with wood or food. Now these technologies only cost food & wood.

  • Theocracy only costs 200 gold

  • Shipwright now also decreases ship build time.

  • Parthian Shot now does additional damage to spearman-line units in addition to the extra cav archer armor.

  • Heated Shot now increases tower damage times 2.25, and adds 4 to anti-ship damage for castles.


  • Male Mayan farmers are now as good as females.

  • Imperial age houses now have normal house armor.

  • Villagers will now walk around farms normally if stopped and started again (the infamous "farm bug").

  • Monks no longer heal garrisoned units

  • Computer opponents no longer always switch to attack the opponent with the highest score. That is, they initially attack that opponent, but then they will keep attacking him for some time afterwards, even if his score drops.

  • Teuton Monk Resistance now works properly, so researching Faith is beneficial to them.

  • On Nomad maps, Persians, Huns, and Mayans are now getting the correct starting resources.

  • Computer opponents now build lumber camps next to bamboo

  • Town centers now always take damage from bombard towers

  • Quelle: Ensemble Studios


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