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The Silver Lining - Episode 2 ist verfügbar

Die Phoenix Online Studios haben die zweite Episode des King's Quest-Fanprojektes The Silver Lining fertig gestellt und veröffentlicht. "Two Households", so der Titel des zweiten Teils (Video), könnt ihr euch nach der Registrierung von der offiziellen Website kostenfrei runterladen. Drei weitere Episoden sind geplant.

Based on the classic King's Quest series, this fan-made episodic game follows protagonist King Graham on an all-new adventure to save his family from mysterious evil forces.

With a longer play time than the previous episode, more opportunity for exploration, and a number of inventory and logic puzzles, "Two Households" marks a return to the classic adventure gameplay of the bestselling King's Quest series. In the first episode, King Graham learned that the curse that placed his children into a deep coma could only be cured with a complicated spell. Now his quest to save Alexander and Rosella truly begins as he travels the Green Isles to gather the needed ingredients, all the while searching for answers about the cloaked stranger who attacked them - a greater foe than any Graham has faced.

Upon its launch in July, called The Silver Lining "a homebrew labor of love that single-handedly resurrects a dormant cult classic." Phoenix Online's dedicated team has continued to work behind the scenes to bring fans the gaming experience they expect with the addition of several requested features, including options for shorter narrations, widescreen support, and the ability to toggle between walking and running. These updates have also been incorporated into a new version of the first episode, "What Is Decreed Must Be."

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