Entwickler: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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Test: FIFA Football 2003
Test: FIFA Football 2003
Test: FIFA Football 2003
Test: FIFA Football 2003

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FIFA 2003: erste Gameplay-Infos

Nach den ersten PS2-Bilder von FIFA 2002 können wir Euch jetzt erste Gameplay-Infos präsentieren. Laut einer Pressemitteilung wird sich EAs Fußballreihe einigen drastischen Änderungen unterziehen. Sowohl die Steuerung als auch Ballphysik sowie Freistoß- und Taktik-Features werden bis zum November-Release komplett überarbeitet. Alle Details findet Ihr in der offiziellen Pressemitteilung:

The world`s most successful football franchise returns to classic form by focusing on the fundamentals of football. FIFA Football 2003 provides an immersive, authentic experience driven by an ALL NEW game engine. This is football gaming that lives by the rules of the real sport and absorbs the users in a world of detail and culture. FIFA is TOTAL FOOTBALL.

Key Features -

Total Gameplay Experience
FIFA Football 2003 introduces a completely re-worked AI engine that focuses on three new enhancements; team play, team tactics and real player attributes. Use the advantage of playing as a team to break down the opposition with precision passing and quality finishing. Face the onslaught of an opposing team 1-0 down in the 80th minute as they throw all their players upfront. And experience the challenge provided by the individual strengths and skills of European football`s top stars.

Total Ball Control
A fundamental change in the control of the ball including shooting, dribbling, and passing results in more natural gameplay - with deflections, missed headers and scrambled goals reflecting the real nature of football.

Free Kick/Set Piece Control
Dead ball situations are a pivotal part of the real game. FIFA Football 2003 incorporates a new interface that requires the level of skill and strategy that has allowed stars like Roberto Carlos to shine in the real world. A new set-piece dynamic provides complete control over the power and swerve of free kicks. Find the angle, find the sweet spot and find the top corner.

Total Authenticity
All the great players looking and behaving as they do in real life, competing in all the top leagues and all the greatest national teams from around the world. FIFA offers you total licensed football with over 175 licensed entities - 16 leagues, 450 teams, 10,000 players.

Club Championship Mode
Experience total immersion and ultimate competition with 18 of the greatest European teams. Feel the intense big match atmosphere with all the star players, real stadia, real stats and your favorite club specific crowd chants. Now you too must endure the pressure of playing in Galatasary`s famous stadium of hell.

Unparalleled Match Presentation
Continuing the excellence of FIFA style TV presentation with some of Europe`s greatest commentary teams calling the action. All new half time and end of match highlights let you re-live every key moment.

Product Specifications:
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts Canada
Street Date: November 2002
Category: Sports


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