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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Early-Access-Update bringt Ausweich-System und 13 Fertigkeiten

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Rollenspiel) von
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Rollenspiel) von - Bildquelle: Wolcen Studio
Für die Early-Access-Version von Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (ehemals Umbra) ist ein größeres Update auf Version 0.1.7 veröffentlicht worden (Steam; GOG.com). Es umfasst das neue Ausweich-System (schnelles Ausweichmanöver kostet fünf Staminapunkte), 13 weitere Skills und zahlreiche Bugfixes. Zugleich versprechen die Entwickler, dass sie die von der Community berichteten Probleme mit der Performance und der Benutzeroberfläche mit den nächsten Patches in Angriff nehmen werden. Auch die Ladezeiten sollen demnächst deutlich kürzer ausfallen.

  • New: (Game changing) Dodge system: Press the space bar to perform a quick escape move. It costs 5 stamina points, available by default.
  • New: 13 new Skills
  • New/Fix: Magic effects for weapons and armor are now generated as normal adding a lot of new items modifiers in the game
  • New: Added a minimap arrow pointing to the current quest Objective (gold for main quest, silver for secondary quest)
  • New: Added a small animation for newly equipped items in the Equipped Slot of the Inventory
  • Fix: graphical options are now saved (low effect mode, SVOTI, and distant depth of field)
  • Fix: Camera rotation issue
  • Fix: Camera stuttering - The player acceleration has been increased while the basic inertia stays smooth
  • Fix: Dual Wielded weapons were not correctly restored when loading a characters
  • Fix: Several crashes involving Orc skills
  • Improve: the random generated dungeons are now less subject to invisible walls, we are working on a full solution.
  • Modify: The max camera distance has been increased by 10%

  • Fix: Various missing localization (@ui_something)
  • Fix: Dialog Box border removed
  • Improve: Active Skills UI: Tooltip on Power and Utility
  • Improve: Top screen health bar design
  • Improve: Passive Skill Panel looks decent now
  • Modify: Text font for each UI panels
  • Modify: Close button is now similar in each main UI windows

  • Fix: Unending night in the open World
  • Modified: new lighting for the Character Selection
  • Fix: remove the player chest in the dungeons

  • Modified: Replaced the (annoying) sound when you learn a spell
  • Fix: Some sounds were ignoring the Volume parameters

  • New: Level of Details of "Ogre".
  • New: Level of Details of "Pythus".
  • New: Level of Details for "Old Zombie".
  • New: Level of Details for "Champion Orc". 
  • Improve: Burn particle for Pithus based models and skeleton models
  • Improve: Driller model has new detailed texture
  • Improve: Eye shader for the player

  • Modified: NightStalkers no longer chase the player. However, they will teleport and attack if the player comes to close
  • Improve: Fluid movement for Infernal Dogs

  • New: Default dodge animation for one handed and two handed poses
  • New: Idle animation for NightStalker 
  • Improve: Dual wielding movement animations
  • Improve: Dual wielding right attack animation
  • Modified: Ghoul animations

  • New: Two handed Glass Hammer (looking really good :))
  • Improve: Effect of used Rage Globe on Player
  • Improve: Explosion and trail of the Fire Rain Skill
  • Improve: Effect of Charger Orc

New Skills: Each of these skills can be looted on enemies. Each skills has various chances to be found:
  • Umbra Ray: Cast multiple magic rays to nearby enemies. Only works if enemy are present
  • Blizzard: A small blizzard will damage and snare affected enemies
  • Chain Lightning: Lightning strikes several targets, bounding from one to another
  • Deep Strike: Strike a group of enemies by teleporting on them. You will have a chance to stun them on landing.
  • Lightning Bolt: Combo spells striking fast moving projectile all around
  • Magnetic Strike: A fast casted, localized, lightning explosion 
  • Bloodbath: Enemies can no longer target you, and you steal health of the enemies nearby
  • Force Shield: Provide you a chance to drop incoming attack or projectile
  • Mass Frenzy: Enemies start to attack each other
  • Ground Stomp: Stun all enemies nearby
  • Umbral Bomb: A powerful explosion after a long delay in a localized area
  • War Cry: Increase you armor and rage rating during a limited amount of time

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