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Entwickler: Fix Korea
Publisher: OGPlanet
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Tactical Intervention ist in Nordamerika gestartet

Tactical Intervention (Shooter) von OGPlanet
Tactical Intervention (Shooter) von OGPlanet - Bildquelle: OGPlanet
Der Free-to-play Team-Taktik-Shooter Tactical Intervention ist in Nordamerika gestartet worden. Auf den europäischen und deutschen Webseiten von Publisher OGPlanet ist der Titel bisher nicht verfügbar.

Letztes aktuelles Video: Open Beta-Teaser

"Developed by the legendary FPS designer, Minh Le and FIX Korea, fans have long-awaited the release of Tactical Intervention since Le's departure from Valve years ago. Learning from his previous work, Le was able to implement all-new features that he had always wanted to work into an FPS. With the infamous Highway Mission, players will climb into the driver's seat, shoot hanging out of vehicle passenger windows, all while chasing after the same target. Players can also call in attack dogs to come to their aid, and even make use of tactical rappel ropes to gain the upper hand on the opposing force. They will also have to be conscious of civilians who can be taken as hostages and used as human shields. It is up to you and your team to strategize, execute, and eliminate your target."

"We're thrilled to finally release our game that we've been working on for far too long. T.I. gave me the freedom to implement some features into an FPS that I've always wanted to do, so I'm excited to see the gaming community check it out. We look forward to seeing Tactical Intervention grow in the coming years and have plans for continually improving the game experience in the form of new content and improvements to gameplay - and guns, lots of guns."

Quelle: OGPlanet


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