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Publisher: Apogee Software
Test: Rise of the Triad

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Rise of the Triad - Patch 1.1 mit fünf Multiplayer-Karten

Rise of the Triad (Shooter) von Apogee Software
Rise of the Triad (Shooter) von Apogee Software - Bildquelle: Apogee Software
Für Rise of the Triad steht ein 2,2 GB großer Patch auf Version 1.1 zum Download bereit (Steam, GOG). Das kostenlose Update enthält fünf Multiplayer-Karten, ein Map-Playlist-Tool und allerlei Performance-Verbesserungen. Auch eine ganze Reihe Bugs und Fehler will Interceptor Entertainment behoben haben.

ROTT Patch 1.1 Changelog:
*Note: this changelog does not take into account the thousands of meshes replaced, merged or removed to improve overall game performance

General Fixes:
* Playable character speeds balanced and better jump control
* Taradino: 2.5% Slower
* Doug: 7.5% Slower
* I .P: 5% Slower
* Thi: No Change
* Ben: No Change
* Larry: 2.5% Slower
* Leo: 2.5% Faster
* John: 7.5% Slower
* Lorelei: 2.5% Faster
* Groz: 5% Slower
* Bob: No Change
* Arturo 2.5% Slower
* Nolan 5% Slower
* Fabio: 2.5 % Slower
* Hoeg: 7.5% Slower

* Added Anti-Cheat/exploit leaderboard prevention
* Changed multiplayer listing server to be more stable
* "Disabled crosshair" no longer resets when hosting a new server
* Default Mouse Sensitivity is now 25
* Default FOV is now 85
* Weapons no longer disappear when picking up other weapons when in God mode
* "Yes / No" no longer re-selectable when exiting the game. Yes means yes. NO MEANS NO!
* “The Feiner Things" achievement fixed
* Firebomb viewmodel is now displayed correctly in 5:4 resolutions
* Tweaked blood hit effect for performance gains
* Tweaked God mode explosion effect for performance gains
* Blood Spray from gibs effect capped to increase performance (entrails are enabled by PhysX support in launcher)
* Overworld Map - E4L4 box no longer shows over checkpoint selector
* Added Walk function (default Left Shift)
* Decals are now active by default
* Health bonuses are now based on percentages
* Game brightness is now saved properly
* Split missle is now saved upon reaching checkpoints
* Fixed infinite ammo projectile weapons glitch
* In-game FPS counter can now be turned on permanently in main menu
* Popup combo information can be turned off in main menu
* Fixed HUD fade issue
* HUD fade and size is now restored upon checkpoint load
* If crosshair is disabled it'll no long show up while aiming
* Robots no longer block weapons once they are dead
* Fixed God mode weapon switch exploit
* Key rebind issue fixed
* Lightshafts are disabled by default
* Fixed suicide achievement exploit
* Breakable objects that don't inflict damage will no longer cook health
* Removed Drunk Missile spin down delay (You don’t have to wait for it to spin-down anymore)
* Fixed corrupted checkpoints when starting game from overworld and then restarting from
­* Reduced split missile put down time when empty
* Weapon Loadout Exploit fixed
* Removed pointless main menu idle state

General Multiplayer Fixes:
* Added popup message after disconnection from multiplayer server
* Projectile based weapons will now properly count kills after instigator dies
* Added new map playlist manager with map rotation
* LDKDedicatedServer will now filter out all alphanumeric characters from server name
* Added new multiplayer map browser
* Fixed non-moving Interpactors (GADS, etc)
* Fixed players touching an interpactor, the camera would move to a random position
* Fixed multiplayer music not playing properly
* Fixed Mercury mode lasting FOREVER
* Fixed issue with some players turning invisible (superpowers not allowed)
* Added dedicated Team spawns for TDM/CTF modes
* Taradino and Lorelei no longer have stretchy gibs in multiplayer
* Spawn points in Team Deathmatch are no longer random
* “Weapons free” voiceover is re-implemented
* Flamewall is no longer eating all asbestos armor and health. Now deals 75 dmg over the duration of 5 secs.
* “Combat starts in…” -sound no longer restarts every time a player joins a match
* Getting killed while the game ends no longer allows you to move around while the scoreboard is displayed
* Pistol is now selected by default after running out of ammo for other weapons
* Firebomb in multiplayer now does 25% less damage (75 dmg. per. explosion)
* Multiplayer main menu no longer breaks if you have console on while getting kicked out of a game

Level Design Fixes:
* E1L1 - Fixed area where player could get stuck in ‘gad graveyard’
* E1L1 - Fixed falling debris interfering with AI pathing
* E1L1 - Fixed area where player could get stuck behind metal crates
* E1L1 - Fixed area where player could get stuck on pipes
* E1L1 - Fixed enemies respawn upon loading checkpoint
* E1L1 - Fixed Player getting stuck on pillar.
* E1L1 - Fixed Rocketjumping to out of bounds areas
* E1L1 - Fixed Getting stuck under falling debris after loading Gadzooks
* E1L1 - Fixed Door before exit not colliding with missiles

* E1L2 - Fixed area where player could get stuck on wooden crates
* E1L2 - Secret 1 - Fixed area where you can get stuck behind these metal crates
* E1L2 - Fixed areas where player could get stuck on Sandbags
* E1L2 - Fixed Checkpoint exploit
* E1L2 - Fixed monk meals respawning
* E1L2 - Fixed all out of bounds rocket jump areas
* E1L2 - Fixed area you could get crouch stuck
* E1L2 - Fixed flag clipping into geometry
* E1L2 - Fixed checkpoint exploit (2)
* E1L2 - Script bug in first switch building

* E1L3 - Fixed Fixed secret button shadowing
* E1L3 - Fixed not getting hurt by flame traps when crouched at the Flamewall secret
* E1L3 - Added shootable glass that the player can move through
* E1L3 - Fixed areas you could get trapped in
* E1L3 - Fixed shootable secret trigger
* E1L3 - Fixed weird door lights
* E1L3 - Fixed Checkpoint Out of Bounds issue

* E1L4 - Optimised some areas in the panopticon
* E1L4 - Fixed areas where player could get stuck behind moving spike walls
* E1L4 - Fixed area where player could get stuck on pipes
* E1L4 - Fixed traps not moving on checkpoint load
* E1L4 - Fixed cell door blocking
* E1L4 - Fixed prisoner voice volume
* E1L4 - Fixed shadowing issues
* E1L4 - Fixed mis-algined geometry and holes to skybox

* E1L5 - Fixed rocket jump exploit

* E2L1 - Blocked off area player isn’t supposed to reach
* E2L1 - Moved floating trees
* E2L1 - Fixed Secret trigger size in god mode area
* E2L1 - Fixed Being able to walk outside the map
* E2L1 - Fixed area you could get trapped behind crates
* E2L1 - Fixed area you could get trapped behind triad logo
* E2L1 - Fixed lightbeam collision

* E2L2 - Bouncy castle flags and flag holders no longer have collision
* E2L2 - Fixed switch not activating on loading Last checkpoint from overworld
* E2L2 - Fixed area player could move into while level loads
* E2L2 - Crusher ceiling fixed, now has proper damage
* E2L2 - Fixed fire puzzle exit door, so player can’t get stuck
* E2L2 - Fixed collision one of the rotating pillars
* E2L2 - Fixed box poking thru wall
* E2L2 - Fixed bouncy castle secret door
* E2L2 - Fixed being able to fly or rocket jump outside the map
* E2L2 - Fixed out of place brick
* E2L2 - Fixed getting stuck on table in secret area
* E2L2 - Fixed Wall streaming in background
* E2L2 - Fixed Classic music not playing on level end
* E2L2 - Fixed navmesh on balconies
* E2L2 - Changed bouncy castle GAD movement
* E2L2 - Top of lava wall in secret area now deals damage
* E2L2 - Box debris in Blade Runner Part Deux secret now has a texture

* E2L3 - Classic music is now playing properly
* E2L3 - Fixed checkpoint exploit x2
* E2L3 - Fixed Wall collision
* E2L3 - Fixed areas you could get stuck in

* E2L4 - General streaming and cull size optimisations (Performance)
* E2L4 - Prisoners now always get killed by meat grinder
* E2L4 - Fixed area you could get stuck in
* E2L4 - Fixed switches working through walls
* E2L4 - Fixed prisoner cage sounds and switch times
* E2L4 - Fixed boulder rubble
* E2L4 - Final secret can no longer be triggered by flamewall

* E2L5 - Fixed Getting stuck in the walls during phase 2-3 transition
* E2L5 - Fixed chance of two krists spawning.
* E2L5 - Pitch black textures in lower Krist arena
* E2L5 - Fixed issue where standing near Krist woul'nt hurt you

* E3L1 - Backtrack fix
* E3L1 - Made door switch idiot proof
* E3L1 - Fixed Mr Roboto’s wall from exploding too early
* E3L1 - Fixed Mr Roboto’s movement
* E3L1 - Fixed Respawning enemy
* E3L1 - Lowered reverb
* E3L1 - Fixed area you could get trapped
* E3L1 - Third checkpoint: “Excalibat secret” button can no longer be triggered from outside.
* E3L1- Enemies no longer missing upon loading “wonderwall “ checkpoint from overworld
* E3L1- Triad's no longer getting stuck in door

* E3L2 - Streaming, and other misc Optimisation (Performance)
* E3L2 - Added walkway under GAD Tunnel so players can try again if they fall
* E3L2 - Fixed crates spawning coins
* E3L2 - Fixed unobtainable porridge
* E3L2 - Fixed being able to be stuck in cargo lift
* E3L2 - Fixed prisoner sounds
* E3L2 - Starting water pool no longer reacting odd to moving boxes

* E3L3 - Fixed Guard spawning under glass floor
* E3L3 - Changed door open timers
* E3L3 - Fixed Lava not damaging
* E3L3 - Fixed Checkpoint exploit where you could backtrack with rocket jumping
* E3L3 - Fixed enforcer getting stuck in door
* E3L3 - Fixed areas where you could get stuck between 2 doors
* E3L3 - Fixed area you could get stuck behind crates
* E3L3 - Fixed area you could get stuck behind barriers
* E3L3 - Fixed iffy vent collision

* E3L4 - Fixed Checkpoint exploit where you could backtrack with mercury mode
* E3L4 - Fixed minecart you could get stuck in
* E3L4 - Fixed crane controls from getting bypassed
* E3L4 - Fixed unobtainable porridge

* E3L5 - Fixed areas where you could fly outside of the map
* E3L5 - Fixed moving bazookas
* E3L5 - Fixed area in cave you could get stuck

* E4L2 - Fixed secret counter
* E4L2 - Fixed window you could jump through
* E4L2 - Gold key gate now moves slowly down, so if you get stuck behind it you can get out, the switch increases the gate’s movement time.
* E4L2 - Pistol on balcony moves back and forth

* E4L3 - Fixed Coffin collision
* E4L3 - Fixed getting stuck on blade traps in dog mode
* E4L3 - Fixed lava damage
* E4L3 - Fixed respawning enemies
* E4L3 - Fixed unlit walls
* E4L3 - Fixed global blade sounds
* E4L3 - Fixed boulder damage
* E4L3 - Fixed crusher wall damage
* E4L3 - Fixed Getting stuck below rolling rock trap in secret area

* E4L4 - Fixed secret platform switch
* E4L4 - Fixed secret from being triggered multiple times
* E4L4 - Fixed backtrack issues
* E4L4 - Fixed possible checkpoint exploit

* Secret 1 - Fixed rocket jump exploit
* Secret 1 - Fixed blocking around ankhs
* Secret 2 - Fixed pillar height interfering with jumps
* Secret 4 - Significant optimisation and performance
* Secret 4 - Fixed pistol pickup

* DM1 - Fixed Truck collison, so weapons explode properly
* DM1 - Fixed Rocket jump areas where players could get stuck on central tower and and wooden supports.
* DM1 - Fixed dopefish pool collison
* DM1 - Fixed dopefish pool water decals
* DM2 - Rockets pass through GADs without exploding.
* CTF1 - General Optimisations, removed ~1000 meshes (Performance)
* CTF1 - Fixed blocking volumes so you can’t fly out of the map
* CTF1 - Removed all dynamic actors
* CTF2 - Blocked off areas you could fly out of the map

Quelle: Interceptor Entertainment


tacc schrieb am
Neue Maps kostenlos mit einem Patch? Das Spiel ist echt ultra old school.
Das kennen die Call of Duty Kinder gar nicht.
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