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March of the Eagles - Napoleons Kriege - Erster Patch mit Mod-Tools

March of the Eagles - Napoleons Kriege (Strategie) von Paradox Interactive
March of the Eagles - Napoleons Kriege (Strategie) von Paradox Interactive - Bildquelle: Paradox Interactive
Der Patch 1.01 für March of the Eagles - Napoleons Kriege kann via Steam runtergeladen werden. Das Update fügt die Modding-Tools von Crusader Kings 2 hinzu und behebt allerlei Unstimmigkeiten.

"The patch also includes major updates to the gameplay, such as better retreat paths and not allowing low morale units to enter enemy controlled territory, as well as brand new content such as historical generals, completely new combat mechanics and battle sounds. Players now have an even better chance of taking control of one of the great powers of Europe to push for land and naval dominance in a decade swirling with fire, smoke and dark acts of betrayal as each nation moves towards enabling its own objectives."

Old save games should be completely compatible.

- Intercept works when moving to the province.
- No merging of wars.
- Changed retreat to have maximum days.
- userdir.txt can now be used to set user directory (ie settings and save games)
- Added minimize button to single unit panel.
- low morale units cannot move into hostile provinces
- Added disable sound and music separate and just not disable master.
- Added weather effect on island fortress.
- Flanks that flee during first hours of combat take more casualties
- fixed Gameplay Small armies running around the battlefield that is quite hard to get rid of
- fixed Naval AI: tries to blockage as much as it can even with a too small fleet
- fixed Transport shouldn't increase positioning as much
- Naval ai more able to start blockades.
- Blockade ai uses intercept
- Fixed Spelling error in Military Access messages
- Fixed Spelling errors in Tutorial Chapter 5, Page 7
- Fixed [Map/Decision] Lauenburg, Berg & Kingdom of westphalia
- Fixed Objectives review - adding and moving some objectives
- Added validation data to ledger interface military tab to prevent CTD due to invalid army.
- Changed some strange garrison related checks in combat system.
- More guarantees from the ai.
- Fixed Morocco does not have a capital
- Fixed 2107: Guriev to Orenburg
- Fixed Event Mustafa IV for OE
- Fixed Map: Knin 945 complain
- Fixed Missing Berg Ruler
- Fixed Tooltip gives monthly replacement rate, but says daily.
- Fixed Can't create westphalia if satellites?
- Fixed march to sound of guns to not teleport over blocked straits.
- Fixed garrison correct retreat if attacked outside fort.
- Ai redistribution of leaders.
- Bombard phase more dependent of leader skill.
- Fixed Unit Mislabeled in the French OOB
- Fixed Map: cores changes
- Fixed Unit Graphics are the wrong countries in the 2e Corps
- Changed naval experience scale to match the 1 ship squadron size.
- Added tooltip to single unit panel minimize/maximize.
- Corrected retreat behavior when fighting at fort.
- optimized owner area pathfind
- large army ai
- fixed leader frontage trait
- automatic flank composition slightly better at getting commands.
- starting relations between aus - tur better
- peace ai more prone to accept good peace deals in long wars
- peace ai more prone to demand peace deals in long wars
- Fixed reserves getting targeted when they should be safe.
- Fixed transfer subunit issue with "dead" brigades.
- Fixed fault in checkhideinfortress.
- Fixed AI peace offer occupied check and tweaked the spam frequency.
- Remade faulty supply coeff + fixed tooltip.
- Fixed culture map mode problems
- Changed trigger tooltip to use X instead of * for false.
- Changed so CallAllyActions localization ACTOR allways is the coalition leader.
- Concede defeat victor prestige gain is now capped to the defeated prestige.
- Hide in fort units will not automatic join combat in besieged province
- Fixed repair at sea.
- Fixed redundant "Battle of" in warscore tooltip.
- Removed warscore tooltip battle entries with value less that 0.1
- Fixed automatic return of expeditionary forces when not fighting wars together and not in coalition
- Fixed AI regular army not to try to leave fortress under siege if no chance to win.
- Fixed hiding in fortress not to trigger false when enemy is moving from province and thus attacking them.
- Fixed dominant check to take the country with highest dominance score as successor. Second check is on country strength.
- Fixed Danish generals: 4 new ones + 1 correction
- Fixed Bavarian generals: 8 new ones
- No ref count graphics optimization
- Large army fixes
- Long war peace deals.
- Morale from out of supply not blocked.
- Fixed Map: cores changes
- Fixed Saxony generals: 5 new, 3 corrections, 2 moves
- Island fortress interface fix
- Army AI fixes
- Added sveaborg as island fortress and degraded it to lvl 2.
- Added extended island fortress tooltip.
- CanBeAnnexed only calcs peace cost from citys and not all provinces.
- Fixed rallypoint mapicons displayed not pruned by owner country.
- Fixed naval rallypoint in militaryview to show up correctly when set on province with no valid landpath.
- Tiny Soldiers(tm) fix.
- Fixed reset of peaceoffer when using back button.
- Fixed AI army missing invasion target.
- Fixed Event 10070 not working
- Attrition on zero strength brigades no longer removes the brigade.
- Super small out of supply units can still get supplies.
- Mod system from CK2
- Fixed faulty mod file handling.
- Fixed mod savegame paths.
- Naval attrition bug fixed.

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Ich denke mal der Newsersteller hier bei 4players hat den Pressetext nicht gut gelesen! Es wurden keine Moddingtools released weil es gar keine gibt um Paradox Games zu modden. Es wurde lediglich das Spiel auf die einfacheren Formatierungen von CK2 umgestellt.
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