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Test: Heroes of Might & Magic 5

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Heroes of Might & Magic V - Patch 1.60

Der Patch bringt Heroes of Might & Magic V auf Version 1.60 - allerdings muss v1.50 bereits installiert sein:

Download: Patch 1.50 -> 1.60 (Collector's Edition) (48,3 MB)
Download: Patch 1.50 -> 1.60 (Normalversion) (48,3 MB)

Patch 1.6

Features added

Kingdom overview window
(Allows to view information about player towns and heroes)

Extended "number of turns" indicator
(Add new cursors 3, 4, 5, 5+ that tell the player how many days will that march take)

Mana bar on strategy map
(Allows mana bar indicator near move bar side to heroes icons at the bottom of strategic map)
!Not show permanently! Activate by pressing a hotkey ("M")

"Wait" button in combat ATB bar
(Allows dropped ATB bar of current stack of creatures (or a war machine, or a hero) to 0.5 (halved), and then give turn to the next stack of creature on the ATB conveyor)

Sleep mode for heroes
(Allow the players to turn on/off the end of turn notification system for the selected heroes)
Activate and deactivate by pressing a hotkey ("Z")

Map Editor. Option to deactivate animations
(Allows switching off all the object animation on the map for the time of its design)

Danger Status
(Allows inform the player how dangerous is the stack of neutral creatures or the enemy hero whose information tooltip they are reviewing)
Danger Types: Very Low (less than 1 power of player selected hero)
Low (1 power)
Normal (= equal power)
Hard (1.5 power)
No Chance (More than 2 power)

Dark Energy Displaying (Adventure Screen)
(Allows showing special necromantic resource Dark Energy at the adventure screen interface. It shows in the extra bar in the top of the adventure interface)

Mouse cursor map coordinates
(Allows showing the coordinates of the tile onto which the cursor is aimed currently. This function only works on the adventure maps)
Activate by pressing a hotkey ("CTRL")

Option "Autocombat without magic use"
(Allows switch on/off a player hero use magic in autocombat)

Option "Flying camera mode" at city
(Allows switch on/off the flying-around camera mode that invoked every time when the player enters a town)

Ability to set time for creature turn in combat
(Allows customizing creatures' turn time in dynamic battles both in single and multiplayers modes).

Info messages pop-ups (team actions alerts).
(Message pop-ups appear to inform the player about certain actions of their allies, if these actions touch upon this playerýs interests, as well as to tell about the alliesý successes or failures. They will appear in the beginning of the playerýs turn in the usual information pop-ups in the top of the screen.)

Icon to indicate that the town development is complete.
(This option provides for the player to see which of their towns are completely developed and in which more buildings can be erected.)

Icon to indicate that there is not enough resources to build anything that turn.
(This option provides for the player to see whether they can build anything in the town with the amount of resources they currently have.)

Option to show/hide already going multiplayer games (in lobby)
(Added checkbox responsible for showing/hiding the currently played games over the games list. When checked in, it show the complete list; when checked out,
it will provide for hiding the games that are already being played. The checkbox will be checked out by default.)

Bugs repaired and changes made:

- Game no longer crashes when loading a map that has a hero placed on the edge.

Camera, graphics, interfaces:

- Dialog replays are now stored in a chronological order
- In duel 3v3 session the spectator now see correct hero icons
- Added error message when the player tries to play a campaign without maps
- Fixed Phoenixes textures
- Fixed object same Rock textures in the adventure map

Gameplay, Mechanics, Balance:

- Fixed: Same spell is revealed upon building library in the Academy town, plus 2 extra spells for level 4 and 5
- Fixed: The 'Secrets of Destruction' skill does not give a random damaging spell of the 1st to 3rd circle
- Fixed: The corpses of the units from which the Pit Lords were summoned remain on the battle field
- Now Pillar of Bones give correct number of dark energy.

Map Editor:

- Duel Preset Editor. The "Arcane Excellence" now doesn't exist anymore
- Fixed: The "War machines" are not granted during the game even though there are all selected in "Properties hero"
- Fixed same error message in duel preset editor interface


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