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Star Citizen - 34 Mio. Dollar: Schmugglerschiff

Star Citizen (Simulation) von Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen (Simulation) von Cloud Imperium Games - Bildquelle: Cloud Imperium Games
Mittlerweile stehen bei Star Citizen über 34 Mio. Dollar unter dem Strich und da die entsprechende Marke übersprungen wurde, findet mit dem "MISC Hull C (Discreet)" ein Raumschiff zum Schmuggeln seinen Weg in das Weltraumspiel.

34 Mio.: "MISC Hull C (Discreet) - Scaling from small 'box trucks' to massive supertankers, the MISC range of cargo hulls (A-D) are the standard goods transporter in human space. Extremely configurable, MISC Hulls can be adapted for most any type of transport job: from standard bulk shipping on the patrolled spacelanes to armored cargo hauling on the frontier. While these pre-configured hulls are primarily used for legitimate purposes, the MISC Hull Cs have recently become the favorite for criminals who modify the ship with advanced sensor shadow technology, quick-decompress holds and a variety of hidden compartments without modifying the ship’s body so it will appear to onlookers as standard everyday transports."

Bei 35 Mio. Dollar soll ein "Information Runner" als letzter von der Community gewählter Schiffstyp hinzugefügt werden.

35 Mio.: "Drake Herald - Knowledge is power, and one of the most valuable commodities is pure information: the 1s and 0s behind everything from UEC ledgers to Citizenship ratings. Whether it’s colonists struggling to stay in contact with the UEE's central worlds or criminals trading in illicit data, there will always be a need to securely move data. The Drake Herald, small, armored ship, is designed to fit that need and safely get that information from Point A to Point B. Featuring a powerful central engine (for high speed transit and generating the power needed for effective data encryption/containment), advanced encryption software and an armored computer core, the Herald is unique among personal spacecraft in that it is designed to be easily ‘cleaned’ when in danger of capture. The Herald includes an array of heavy duty internal options for data protection, including redundant power subsystems and EMP shielding, and a high-powered broadcast array for data transmission."

Die nächsten fünf Zusatzziele (36 bis 40 Mio.) sollen jeweils ein neues Sternensystem bringen und die Community kann abstimmen, wie die Sektoren aussehen sollen. Die erste Entscheidung ist bereits gefallen: Im Tamsa System wird es ein Schwarzes Loch geben.

36 Mio.: "Tamsa System - Located near the fringe of Banu space, Tamsa System features a massive central star that has collapsed into a black hole. Evidence suggests that there were at least two more planets in the system when the star collapsed before the ensuing black hole engulfed them. Only two planets remain in the system, a chthonian world and a gas giant located far from the black hole’s event horizon. Initial surveys indicate that the two outer planets are slowly being pulled towards the black hole, leaving the two as a risky proposition at best for any sort of colonization."

Last but not least hatten sich die Entwickler jüngst zu den Organisationen geäußert - einem Gruppensystem für die Spieler: "On launch, you will be able to select a type for your organization. This defines the groups overall goal. We've divided organizations into five archtypes:
  • Corporation - a for-profit business entity. A corporation is a great choice for everything from shipping flo-pets to Goss II to organizing a hostile takeover of Origin Jumpworks.
  • PMC (Private Military Company) - For organizations with a taste for combat. Focuses for PMCs include escorting cargo runs, hunting for pirates or helping the UEE take on the Vanduul.
  • Faith - Organizations that have come together for a single cause or under a single banner. This could be rebels fighting for Terran independence… or the devout followers of the LAMP!
  • Syndicate - Common interest groups for those who operate on the edges (or outside) the law. There's safety in numbers when you’re moving contraband through Spider or preying on hapless cargo ships.
  • Organization - Want to make your own way without any previous association? Feel free to leave your group's archetype blank!"

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Eisenherz schrieb am
Gehen Sie weiter, gehen Sie weiter ... hier gibts nichts zu sehen - nur ne weitere Million für Star Citizen! :Häschen:
greenelve schrieb am
Puhh, bin ich erleichtert. Ich fürchtete schon das Projekt wäre gescheitert, hat man seit Ewigkeiten nichts mehr von gehört. :Häschen:
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