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Patch G10

Der Test Patch G10 behebt einige ältere Bugs im Multiplayer Verbindungssystem. Außerdem wurden noch einige weitere kleinere Bugs beseitigt, so dass diese Version erneut stabiler als die vorherige laufen soll.

Test Patch G10
Dedicated Server G10


Hello racers... even more reliable : G10!

G9 was the most stable LFS so far but i was determined to remove even more OOS possibilities for patch H. This was possible thanks to a lot of reports and logs which helped me to narrow down where to look in the code. Thanks to everyone for the G9 reports. The result is this patch G10 and it's intended as a final test before official patch H. It's much better in the way it handles new guests joining, fixing problems that have been there since the early days of demo test. This can prevent OOS and should help in times when connecting to a host didn't work properly.

What are all these test patches all about? For the most reliable multiplayer system we've ever seen in LFS. All these changes make it into S2...

Good Luck!

Changes in patch G10
Cleaned up and improved the code for connecting to a host
Virtual clocks are moved in when connection list (N) is displayed
FIX : Auto-kick of lagging racers who were not going the wrong way
FIX : Bugs that could cause an immediate OOS kick after connecting
FIX : Strange "Can't pit" messages when another racer was pitting
FIX : Rare bug that could cause a multiple OOS kick while racing
FIX : Removed "Late" messages following a time-out disconnection
FIX : Mid-air skid marks after skidding on a movable object
FIX : Rare host crash


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