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22 neue LFS S2 Screenshots!!

Soeben wurden 22 neue Screenshots zur kommenden Live for Speed Version S2 veröffentlicht. Zu sehen sind gleich drei neue Wagen: Der XR GTR (die Rennversion des GT Turbos aus S1), der RA (ein Supersportwagen) und der Formula V8 (ähnlich Formel 3000)!

Zu den Screenshots



Außerdem wurde ein kurzer Entwicklungsbericht veröffentlicht:


We are pleased to report that S2 development is going well! :)

You can see three new cars in the screenshots. The XR GTR, the RA and the Formula V8.

Recent developments in the program include skid marks,  better smoke and better online reliabiliy, as seen in the new S1 patch. Also we have implemented a new tutorial system which is quite fun to work through, and very good for people who are new to Live for Speed. Various improvements have been made to the tyre physics which make the cars handle much better than they used to. It's easier to get the power down and go in a rear wheel drive car, and this is more realistic - in S1 you need to be more careful than you do in real life.

Now that the S1 Patch H update is complete, Scawen can carry on with the tyre temperatures and wear. Eric will be working on the remaining cars and then onto some final track updates. And finally we will reach Alpha stage!


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