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Neues LFS S2 Blackwood Video

Die Live for Speed-Entwickler haben gestern Abend ein neues Video veröffentlicht, das einige heiße Rennszenen der verschiedenen GTR-Wagen aus der kommenden Version S2 zeigt. Da das Video kaum bearbeitet wurde, lässt sich ein guter Eindruck des Spieles gewinnen.

Blackwood Racing Video Download

Des Weiteren wurde ein kurzer Entwicklungsbericht veröffentlicht. Demnach gibt es für die Entwickler noch einiges zu tun, die Community geht mittlerweile von einem Release im Sommer aus. Interessant ist, dass sich die Entwickler die passenden Domainnamen zu den LFS-Strecken gesichert haben. So ist die offizielle Webseite nun auch unter folgenden URLs zu erreichen:


S2 development continues... in the last few days, Scawen has implemented the compressed textures system and worked on increasing the frame rate when 20 players are online. Eric has been finishing the Blackwood track and done some work on the drivers and animations. Victor has been preparing LFS World bit by bit to accomodate the S2 release. The hotlappers will be specially pleased with the new hotlap pages, which contain all new hotlap ranks and much more detailed charts and hotlap statistics.


Thanks for the comments. I'm pleased most people liked the video, it's meant to be just a different view on the new track and with different cars from the last video.

As usual the most controversial thing is the sound. Personally i'm sure it's better than S1 (not only the engines but also the environmental echo system which adds to it) but clearly it's far from perfect. I like the simulated sound method for the same reasons that various supporters of that have mentioned on another thread a couple of weeks ago.

My aim is to do a much better engine simulation in time. The idea is that with increasing complexity of engine simulation, the "semi-simulated" sound gradually becomes more "simulated" and will be able to show what's going on with the engine. With every step along that road, it should look more and more sensible that we use simulation instead of complete samples. I can't make any promises about when that will be done, or when any of the sound elements will be improved, but there are various things that are more important than that, for S2's initial release.

Unlike in the S1 stage, there are sure to be one or two physics updates during the life of S2, partly because S2 to S3 development period is likely to be a lot longer than S1 to S2. The reason i mention physics updates during S2 right now is because of the connection between sound improvements and car physics improvements.

Side note : S3 shouldn't even be considered a "definite" thing - at this point all we know is that we will have more updates for S2, and how things go on after that, what modules or versions are released, we will see in time - as you see, S2 changed a lot from the original plan - things keep changing all the time - no point planning several years ahead right now... there are different possible ways forward...

Of course i won't write my "to do" lists here. But i can tell you my general plan : First to finish off the various unfinished systems, each of which has a small page of notes of remaining tasks. Of course all that will take some time. And then with the clear head that will give me, i'll be free do some more work on the tyre physics. As for sound, i'm looking forward to some more experimentation when the time is right, but as i said, i don't know how much of that is before or after the first S2 release.

Eric still has the RB4 to update and some small improvements he plans for the LX cars. Also there is still missing scenery on some of the new tracks (and some updates and fixes needed on the S1 tracks). I think the driveable areas are quite complete and that was of course the hardest part.


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