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Test: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Test: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Test: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
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Operation Flashpoint 2 - Details zum zweiten PC-Patch

Der zweite PC-Patch für Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising wird derzeit bei Codemasters auf Herz und Nieren getestet und wie versprochen wird das zweite Download-Content-Paket "Overwatch" mit zwei neuen MP-Modi sowie zwei weiteren 'Fire Team Engagement'-Missionen auch (kostenlos) enthalten sein. Darüber hinaus soll der Patch insbesondere an der Stabilität (Single- und Multiplayer-Modus) schrauben und die Computerintelligenz verbessern. Ein angepeilter Patch-Termin wurde nicht verraten.

Here is the fixlist for the 2nd PC Patch.
-Support added for 2 new PvP game modes included in DLC Pack 2
-The host is now able to press "Start" button to ready up and begin the 10 second countdown into game irrespective of whether all players are ready or not.
-Improved multiplayer stability.
-Online synchronisation has been improved mitigating various issues such as shots fired not being registered and missing animations
-Medics no longer become unable to move if the player they are trying to heal attempts to heal themselves at the same time.
-The corpse looting inventory now appears appropriately when characters are killed
-The corpse looting inventory updates appropriately when swapping weapons.
-Tweaks and amends to enemy and friendly AI.
-The damaged vehicle icon no longer becomes stuck on screen if the player is spawned into a vehicle just as it becomes critically damaged.
-Fly in camera at the start of the Lumber Yard Infiltration mission now behaves appropriately
-alt tabbing when in the lobby no longer causes graphical corruption on ground texture
-Speed hack checking has been activated to block 3rd party speed hacks during online games.
-Anti-cheat measures implemented to combat leaderboard hacking
-Ammo counter for Fire team leaders in PvP matches now counts down the remaining ammo correctly.
-Vehicle control responsiveness improved for clients, with input lag reduced
-Sessions that you cannot join such as those that contain DLC not present on the players machine appear as greyed out on the browse server screen.
-If someone without DLC is invited to a game that requires DLC content they will receive a message explaining this and the game can still be started. They no longer take up a space in the lobby.
-Improved On & Offline stability
-Player positioned appropriately after exiting a vehicle.
-Players are no longer able to access a locked vehicle by using an unlocked vehicle
-Mines are no longer triggered by neutral (inactive) vehicles
-Death cam view behaves correctly if the player dies whilst in a vehicle and swapping between 3rd & 1st person camera views
-It is no longer possible to enter aimed view mode while the weapon select OSD is open.
-Binocular functionality no longer impaired by previously selected inventory item.
-Weapon torches now turn off properly when swapping out the current weapon via ammo crates with the torch light switched on.
-Players stance is now correctly maintained after operating an emplaced weapon
-The player is now able to order a fire team under their control to operate an emplaced weapon
-"Move To" orders now correctly issued to the pilot rather than individual fire team members when mixed fire teams occupy the crew seats in helicopters.
-Helicopter chain guns no longer jam
-Weapons rotations for a.i. gyrostablised weapons are no longer updated if they've not got a target set.
-Weapon OSD for the M134 Minigun in the AH-6J Helicopter now displays the correct number of rounds loaded (9999).
-Helicopters no longer make inappropriate wheel contact surface sounds sound when flying over grassland.
-"Live Link" feature in the Mission Editor should now default to launch the game in Windowed mode
-The mission editor should now be able to read multiple databases so text strings can be easily added.
-Unavailable Bradley and ZBD200 squad references removed from Mission editor
-Mouse look sensitivity for mounted weapons is now aligned with other weapons
-Respawn timer now displayed in all game modes.
-Fixed crash using empty string with OFP:displaySystemMessage
-Fixed rare crash in AI input. Unchecked possible invalid cast in AI input.
-Changed client prediction code for extrapolating positions, based on how far in the past there is accurate server data. (Optimisation)
-getVelocities bug fix for helicopter suspension. Refactor removed getVelocities usage.
-Audio Feedback Manager can search blocked speakers list by name as well. (Optimisation)
-Destructor of commands is always called in the CommandPool. Prevents possible memory leaks.
-walkEchelonControlledSubUnits now recurses through only controlled units. Now processes correct sub units.
-Friendly fire feedback will revert to root echelon if no fireteam members are still alive. Processes feedback case correctly.
-Fixed clients showing low LOD back weapon between their feet after looting ammo crates.
-The player can now add custom audio and modify further AI parameters (Weapon usage values and dispersion system).
-Added OFP:getTerrainHeight( x, z ) script cmd to return height of terrain, suitable as a Y value in cmds such as OFP:spawnAtLocation
-Can issue AI fireteam a Defend order to unmounted/neutral vehicles.

Quelle: Codemasters


the curie-ous schrieb am
Willkommen in der Welt des Militärs. Ich hab das Spiel zwar nicht durchgespielt aber als Marineinfanterist- den man nun mal spielt- ist man vielleicht etwas besser ausgebildet als ein "normaler Army-Infanterist", dennoch hat man da nicht so die Wahlmöglichkeiten im Vergleich zu einem SpecOpsCommando.
Setschmo schrieb am
ich will einen Patch der es endlich ermöglicht seine Ausrüstung komplett selber zusammen zu stellen. Ich spiele das SPiel nicht weil ich es nicht einsehe mir vorschreiben zu lassen womit ich da rumballern soll. Was soll das? In jedem anden verdammten Spiel geht es doch auch
Sabrehawk schrieb am
Operation Bugfest wäre passender.
Force_of_shadow schrieb am
Vor allem mit dem Realistic-AI mods machts viel Spass.
ArcticAge schrieb am
bitte nicht so negativ! ich hab das game fürn PC und bescheren kann ich mich nicht. Es macht Spaß und wenn man mal 5 min wartet kommt man auch auf einen server wo alle en ordentlichen ping haben.
ich freue mich auf den den Patch/DLC!
schrieb am