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Homeworld Remastered Collection: Box-Version und zwei Patches stehen bereit

Homeworld Remastered Collection (Strategie) von Gearbox
Homeworld Remastered Collection (Strategie) von Gearbox - Bildquelle: Gearbox
Abgesehen davon, dass die Homeworld Remastered Collection seit heute auch im Handel erhältlich ist (Preis: 29,99 Euro), hat Gearbox Software in den vergangenen Tagen zwei Updates für die Spiele-Sammlung veröffentlicht - wobei der jüngste Patch "nur" ein gravierendes Verzögerungsproblem im Forschungsmenü behebt.
Die Box-Version enthält Homeworld Remastered und Homeworld Remastered 2 - beide Titel waren bisher nur über digitale Vertriebswege erhältlich. Als Bonus sind die Originalversionen von Homeworld und Homeworld 2 mit Kompatibilitätsupdates dabei. Jeder, der die Homeworld Remastered Collection kauft, wird außerdem Zugang zur Steam-Multiplayer-Beta von Homeworld Remastered erhalten. Die Box-Version enthält zudem zusätzliche Bonusgegenstände (inklusive der digitalen Fassungen der Soundtracks) und ein digitales Art-Book.

Change-Log: 7. Mai
  • Resolved UI display lag issue seen most severely in Research menu.

Change-Log: 6. Mai
  • [Homeworld 1 Remastered] Fixed an issue where Mission 09 could not be completed due to an autosaving issue.
  • [Homeworld 1 Remastered] Fixed Russian text issue seen in Mission02
  • [Homeworld 1 Remastered] Fixed sensors disk issue in Mission 15
  • [Homeworld 1 Remastered] Cryotrays can be healed during Mission 03
  • [Homeworld 2 Remastered] Resource containers no longer float near the mothership when it disembarks during Mission 01
  • [Homeworld 2 Remastered] Homeworld Music will now play properly during Mission 12 and 14 cinematics
  • Fixed engine glows on Kadesh Multibeam Frigate and Mothership

  • Playing animatics from main menu will now have proper subtitles
  • Vaygr laser corvette and minelayer icons fixed
  • Background pinching fixed in various maps. (Was much more visible depending on windows gamma settings.)
  • Fixed issue where if you cleared your progress, mission 01 wouldn't be selected which would cause a crash when trying to launch.
  • Research and Build menus are not toggled unless units are available
  • Alt-T and Alt-W are appropriately ignored as menu shortcuts for Kushan
  • Top left UI no longer blocks mouse clicks
  • Key bindings no longer accumulate/double up when applied to the main menu and in-game menu
  • Key bindings no longer infinitely accumulate in the settings file due to edits
  • No longer display the custom command energy bar if usage is not greater than zero
  • A certain asteroid no longer blows up resource collectors unexpectedly
  • Game will no longer crash when the player repeatedly changes any in-game settings via the Options menu
  • Fixed nav lights on the Kushan Support Frigate
  • Users will no longer get stuck "Downloading Content" when playing custom maps
  • Fixed tiny menu button text at 4K resolutions
  • Steam button now disabled if not connected to Steam
  • Fixed more out of sync issues
  • HW1 Classic - Credits scale to all resolutions available in Classic resolution menu

  • Ship icons updated to have colors similar to the original HW2 icons to help quickly identify which ships you have selected
  • Message appears in chat when player is defeated or surrenders and chat icon on left flashes to notify of messaging
  • Message appears in chat after a player leaves a game
  • Shift-Clicking ships in the build menu will now queue up 5 ships. (HW1 feature)
  • Drag resizing of build and launch menu improved
  • Optimized UI text rendering

  • Vaygr resourcing paths moved closer to ship
  • Resource collectors can now be captured while they are harvesting an asteroid in multiplayer
  • Carriers and motherships have additional entry and docking paths to more efficiently build/dock units, greatly reducing the giant escalator queue
  • Removed Repair Corvette regen times and reduced health from HW1 standard 1200 to 600 to be more in line with other corvettes
  • Added the healing beam to HW1 repair ships
  • Gravwell Generators now destroy themselves after their power bar is depleted
  • Added support for armor class multipliers for kamikaze damage
  • Missiles no longer miss and do double damage
  • Circle strafe attack style with target facing added

  • Added support for locale-only mods in Classic and Remastered. Locale mods are mulitplayer safe.
  • Badge-only mods are now supported. (Multiplayer safe)
  • Old Badge mods should be converted to this new type of mod to work properly.
  • Added support for "cursors" mods
  • Added minShrink property to text to allow for better scaling at various resolutions
  • Removed some log spam
  • Added OnItemSelect lua hooks for NewDropDownListBox
  • UI script can now ask for a control's custom values to store and retrieve vars
  • Added ability for LUA to get the name of the current map that is loaded (getCurrentLevelName())
  • Added concept of "healing" damage

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Letztes aktuelles Video: Release-Date-Trailer Boxed-Version
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