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RollerCoaster Tycoon World - Fünftes Early-Access-Update verbessert Wegbausystem und Computerintelligenz

RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions
RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions - Bildquelle: Atari, RCTO Productions
Für die Early-Access-Version von RollerCoaster Tycoon World ist das fünfte Update veröffentlicht worden. Diesmal wollen die Entwickler größere Verbesserungen am Wegbausystem und an der Computerintelligenz der Besucher sowie der Park-Mitarbeiter (Food/Drinks/Souvenir Behavior, Nausea/Bathroom Behavior, Trash Can Use, Injuries/Sickness, Ride-seeking, Pathfinding) vorgenommen haben. Darüber hinaus wurde das Grafik-Feature "Screen Space Reflections" auf alle Objekte ausgeweitet, während die "Terrain Shaders" für deutlich schöneres Gelände sorgen sollen. Auch eine Depth-of-Field-Option wurde hinzugefügt. Leichte Performance-Optimierungen wurden ebenfalls vorgenommen.

  • CONTENT: New Sci-Fi Centerpiece added to scenery Centerpieces. This new scenery item is a giant moon rock floating in space, with room to run your coasters through it!
  • GRAPHICS: New Terrain Shaders to improve terrain quality! Check out the new terrain shaders in our Forest and other maps! Different textures blend better and the terrain looks smoother when zooming in and out.
  • GRAPHICS: Screen Space Reflections Added to All Objects in Game! This vastly improves the look and feel of all the objects in the game. Everything has a reflection of its environment now and looks more realistic and tangible.
  • GRAPHICS: Depth-of-Field Effect Added to Park Cam. We added a new Depth-of-Field Effect to the park cam. Now things further away will look blurrier than those close up, giving you a better sense of depth. It is Disabled by default BUT You can ENABLE this feature at any time by going into Options > Graphics > Disable Depth of Field. The choice is yours!

  • GRAPHICS: All Sci-Fi Coaster Loading Stations have new textures
  • GRAPHICS: Improved the seats of all coaster cars to better fit peeps
  • GRPAHICS: Improved Depth-of-Field and Field of View effects when in Ride/Coaster cam
  • PATHS: Path nodes are deleted when a path is cleared
  • PATHS: Paths now have more realistic incline slopes
    • Food, Drinks, & Souvenirs
      • Peeps now have a higher chance to address their nausea, bathroom, hunger, or thirst when these stats are high.
      • Peeps should no longer buy drinks, hoping to soothe their hunger. We have informed them that food will be much more effective for this purpose.
      • Peeps will no longer randomize between the top five food / drink / souvenir stands, instead giving higher priority to those they like more. As a consequence, peeps should generally be happier when buying food, drinks, and souvenirs.
    • Injury
      • Injured peeps should once again engage in their proper behaviors of sitting on benches to be addressed by Medics, or (in rare cases) leaving the park.
    • Nausea and Bathroom
      • Peeps' minimum possible Nausea Tolerance is now 1 - no Peeps will have a 0 nausea tolerance.
      • Peeps' Nausea Tolerance will be increased if they like riding more intense rides.
      • Peeps should now more reliably choose a nearby bathroom if they need to either vomit or pee.
      • Peeps should now think the thought "The paths here are disgusting" an appropriate amount.
      • Peeps will no longer select a random bathroom.
      • Peeps with moderately high nausea will now prefer to sit on benches to reduce it.
      • Peeps with very high nausea will now prefer to sit on benches to reduce it, if a bathroom is far away. Some of them might try to hold it, though...
    • Rides
      • Fixed an issue that was preventing rides from increasing riders' Energy and decreasing riders' Boredom
      • Peeps should now more reliably ride low intensity rides. As a consequence, peeps should now distribute themselves among your park attractions more evenly.
    • Trash
      • Peeps should now properly throw their trash out in trashcans. Trashcans have a capacity- peeps will not throw trash into full trashcans. Peeps will throw trash on the path only if they're unable to find a nearby trashcan.
  • PEEPS: Improved Emotes and Peep Thoughts to be more descriptive and trigger more often
  • PEEPS: Improved Transition of Janitor animation from Cleaning and Walking
  • PEEPS: Peeps now have an "ill" animation when their nausea, bathroom, thirst, or hunger get too high for too long
  • PERFORMANCE: Improved Performance when using the path tool
  • PERFORMANCE: Screen Space Reflections now disabled when zoomed out for performance
  • UGC: UGC content manager now displays many more items and has a new table layout allowing easier management of UGC for players
  • UI/UX: General notification improvements to better inform player of what is going on in their park
  • UI/UX: Improved cameras while in coaster editing tool
  • UI/UX: Terrain brush size tweaked


The Bugs below have all been addressed in this latest update. Note that this is not a complete list but does give you an idea of most of the fixes that were made.
  • BUILDINGS: The gap appears between the base of park services building and its supports after elevating it.
  • BUILDINGS: The sci-fi recycling bin is missing material when full
  • COASTERS: Ride cam does not follow the flying coaster car’s animation
  • COASTERS: Crash when using the Coaster Builder when deleting and adding a segment in a specific order
  • COASTERS: The grid size during the Coaster Builder is not displaying the proper size
  • COASTERS: The intensity level of some of the premade coasters is incorrect
  • GRAPHICS: Janitor Peeps and Brooms LODs are not consistent
  • GRPAHICS: Some of the “flower beds” have LOD issues with respect to camera position
  • PATHS: Path connection snaps to the grid when grid is turned off
  • PEEPS: Fixed a Peep AI crash in the Campaign mode
  • PEEPS: Injured peeps aren't always playing their injured animation
  • PEEPS: Peep Boredom isn't decreasing properly when riding rides
  • PEEPS: Peep Happiness always decreases after making a purchase.
  • PEEPS: Peep thought on broken coaster "Drat! [RideName] has stopped!" does not trigger.
  • PEEPS: Peep thoughts not generating for Clean/Dirty paths.
  • PEEPS: Peeps are peeing on the path far too much
  • PEEPS: Peeps have the jiggles when they sit in the Wild Tycoon Wings
  • PEEPS: Peeps score all stands/stores when scoring for food AND drink
  • PEEPS: Scenery messiness is not updated in context
  • PEEPS: The peep clips with the asset 'Galactic Plaza'.
  • SCENARIOS: All scenario boot with unrealistic Finances numbers and months
  • UI/UX: Debug text is displayed in the name of the third specialty track piece for the “Spinning Coaster”
  • UI/UX: Font size is inconsistent in the info window of “Circus” ride
  • UI/UX: Key to delete a node is not mentioned in the fourth objective of the 'The basics of building a new Coaster' tutorial
  • UI/UX: Name of all pre-made coaster in Basic Ride Options tab
  • UI/UX: Starting a new game starts at the fastest speed but UI shows that it is normal speed
  • UI/UX: The theme icon on the Sci-Fi Trash can is represented with the Adventure theme symbol.
  • UI/UX: The theme icon the sci-fi trash can is represented with the adventure theme symbol
  • UI/UX: When viewing the description for the arch art asset for Exit Signs these display Adventure Theme


This list contains features that are in progress, have had a first pass at improvements, or are at an Alpha stage. Occasionally, we will develop features or improve on things that we need more feedback on from you. These are items that we have just released but are still considered 'work in progress'.
    •  For this update we focused on Ambient Environmental Sounds and also Coaster SFX as we continue our top to bottom review of all sound in the game.
      • IMPROVEMENT: Expanded and improved on-ride coaster sounds to be more realistic and detailed
      • IMPROVEMENT: Improved peep on-coaster ride sound effects
      • ALPHA FEATURE: Added new ambient sounds to all the environments
  • COASTERS: IN PROGRESS: The ride cam on all coasters has been raised to avoid clipping issues, except in the first row of the first car. We are still looking at how to further improve our coaster and seat cams so this is an “In Progress” feature.
  • GRAPHICS: IN PROGRESS: We are doing an optimization and hi-res texture pass on almost everything in the game. For this update we focused on a few of our flatrides. They should now have smoother animations, better performance, and hi-res textures! It’s only a small subset of all the rides but the work is in progress and we hope to roll it out to everything in the game in coming updates.
  • PATHS: ALPHA FEATURE: You can now recolor your paths after placing them! Simply click the new “Modify” button in the path system, select the paths you want to change, and choose a new texture. We are working on enabling this for path intersections next.
  • PATHS: IN PROGRESS: Work on our path system is in progress but we already have improved a number of the systems behind laying and placing paths, removing some of the biggest frustrations players were facing.
  • PEEPS: IN PROGRESS: We are testing out some new peep animations on our hypercoasters that are a bit more realistic and detailed. Let us know what you think!


This was an important update, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down! For our next update we are looking at additional AI improvements (focused more on the marketing and rating systems), additional flatride optimizations, a variety of peep animation improvements, further path improvements, more performance improvements, and additional audio improvements. Of course a new update wouldn’t be complete without a few surprises as well but we want to do a little more on them before we announce them as part of an update to be sure they make it in – we are looking at you Drag Delete Functionality!
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Mh, IMO wird zumindest bis Weihnachten oder dem Winter-Sale versucht den Anschein zu wahren. Danach... tja, danach isses "fertig". Im Sinne von "das nächste 1 MB-Update hieft unser Spiel von Version 0.0004 auf 1.0"-fertig.
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Frontier haben vor allem mit den letzten zwei Livestreams in denen Terrain-Editor und das fertige Coasterfeature gezeigt wurde (in Alpha 1 gabs nur per "Cheat" die erste Version zweier Achterbahnen) bei den Zuschauern für wahre Nerdgasmen gesorgt. Bin schon heiß wie Frittenfett auf alpha2, die Dienstag erscheint. Wird arg mit Total War: Warhammer konkurrieren am Dienstag xD
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Todesglubsch hat geschrieben:Wollen wir Wetten abschließen nach wie vielen Patches es Atari zu teuer ist und sie das ganze einstellen?
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Wollen wir Wetten abschließen nach wie vielen Patches es Atari zu teuer ist und sie das ganze einstellen?
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