Ashes of the Singularity: - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Oxide Games
Publisher: Stardock
Test: Ashes of the Singularity

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Ashes of the Singularity: DLC-Paket "Turtle Wars" mit Szenarien und Karten

Ashes of the Singularity (Strategie) von Stardock
Ashes of the Singularity (Strategie) von Stardock - Bildquelle: Stardock
Für Ashes of the Singularity ist das DLC-Paket "Turtle Wars" (3,99 Euro) bei Steam und Stardock veröffentlicht worden. Die Download-Erweiterung umfasst vier Szenarien und vier weitere Karten.

"Our goal is to continue to create a variety of maps with open possibilities", sagte Brad Wardell (CEO und President of Stardock). "Some of these new maps are ideal for things like a 2v1 match, even a 4v1. We've also made sure to include a large-sized 1v1 skirmish map, which will encourage players to build much bigger armies for more epic battles. (...) These new scenarios add a different type of challenge and call upon a certain playstyle. We know that players will enjoy trying something new and then comparing their scenario scores against others' in our Hall of Fame."

  • Implosion - Race against three enemies to be the first to crack the defenses of a crashed Post-Human and their experimental Turinium Generator.
  • Eruption - Cut off from your factories, you must command a single Hyperion Dreadnought and a scattering of defensive structures to turn the tides of battle. 
  • Mountaintop - Exploit your resource-heavy advantage and create massive forces to climb the mountain to the enemy entrenchment and wipe them out. 
  • Turtle Wars - Hold off the frigates swarming from indestructible factories and survive the siege. Reprogram the factories to your advantage before the enemy crosses the mountain and finishes you off.

  • Crack the Shell - Hold the high ground and the Turinium against your enemies in this asymmetrical 3-player map, best for 2v1 matches.
  • Turtle Wars - Enjoy a longer duel with your enemy on this epic-scale 2-player map. The open landscape with select chokepoints encourages huge armies and larger battles. 
  • Eruption - Choose your path wisely - one leads to the lone Turinium Generator, the other to resources in this small 2-player map. 
  • Implosion - One valley with an abundance of resources stands at the center of this large, asymmetrical map fit for a 4-player free for all with huge armies.

Screenshot - Ashes of the Singularity (PC)

Screenshot - Ashes of the Singularity (PC)

Screenshot - Ashes of the Singularity (PC)

Screenshot - Ashes of the Singularity (PC)

Screenshot - Ashes of the Singularity (PC)

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