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Test: Lego Worlds
Test: Lego Worlds
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Test: Lego Worlds
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LEGO Worlds - Drittes Update für den Early-Access-Sandkasten

Lego Worlds (Simulation) von Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Lego Worlds (Simulation) von Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment - Bildquelle: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Für die Early-Access-Version von LEGO Worlds steht das dritte Update zum Download bereit. Probleme mit der Fahrzeug-Kamera und diverse andere Bugs sollen nach der Installation der Vergangenheit angehören. Darüber hinaus verfügen einige Charaktere über neue Quests (nach der Freischaltung) und die Darstellung des Himmels wollen die Entwickler verbessert haben.

Quest System Improvements
Several Characters now also have quests AFTER they're unlocked. This will allow us to author more interesting quests down the line and even allow for us to create random events that occur within the worlds. Perhaps you'll find some spooky goings-on?

Updated Skybox
A huge overhaul to the skybox system shows off much improved visuals during both day and night and sees a vast improvement to the natural lighting. From the warm glow of sunrise, through to the twinkling starry nights, your world looks drastically more alive. And fear not, the improved lighting is actually more efficient than the previous setup, so performance won't suffer because of it.

Vehicle Camera Fixes
We've improved the vehicle physics and sharpened up the camera while you're in vehicles. The controls still remain the same for now – with options to come a little later – but these changes mean the vehicles now handle more like you'd expect when using WASD.

Fixtures and Fittings
Does your house have a noticeable breeze/blizzard/volcanic burn running through it? Not sure we can do much about the last one without some industrial air conditioning, but for the rest there is now a selection of working doors and windows in the Brick Building tool! Time to renovate your existing models and make some new ones too! We'll add more to future updates, and we certainly haven't forgotten about other bricks, which will come in the future too.

More Varied Item Discoveries
Tied in to the quest system, some item discoveries now make more sense. For example, we recently unearthed the shocking revelation that apples are actually found on trees rather than in chests as previously thought, so you'll have to find a suitable tree and give it a whack. There are a number of other examples, but we're not telling you all of them, that's your job to figure out.

Brick Build Blueprints
As well as finding cool items in big chests, you'll now also have a chance of finding a blueprint for some super cool brick builds. When found, they'll be added to your brick builds grid in the menu allowing you to place it whenever you want.

Picture Album
Remember those pictures you took with the camera? Now you don't need to go foraging for them on your computer, you can view and delete them on the front end.

Items Backpack
We're adding a very simple but much quicker way to get to your items. Like many of you, we feel it's important for gameplay that we don't keep them embedded in the menus any longer, especially now they're becoming more fun and useful.

Minimap Update
We've added a nice little feature to the minimap. If you click on it (mouse & keyboard only for now), you will be given a 3D overview of the areas in the world you've visited, similar to the preview when you choose your world on the front end. It's great for tracking progress and finding your bearings!

There are several new characters (which are SPOOKILY relevant to the time of year), vehicles and props available to discover and unlock too. Make sure to consult with other players to see where they can be found – some of them are really quite rare!

LEGO Worlds v0.40 Patch Notes
Major Bug Fixes
  • Various Stability/Crash Fixes
  • Updated localised strings
  • Fixed rare Occurrence where player was able to tag away from the playable character
  • Fixed an issue with coastline generation
  • Fixed a render issue with certain brick types on low/medium graphical settings
  • Fixed Alt+Tabbing causing loss of camera controls
  • Fixed to slope matching not functioning correctly with terrain tools in certain cases
  • Fixed WASD keys still registering inputs when game is running in windowed mode and not focused
  • Fixed corruption of water terrain on front-end world preview on certain machines
  • Fixed camera not following or rotating correctly with chase mode enabled
  • Fixed some cases where 2-core CPU's stall when using certain terrain tools
  • We're aware of the issue that is causing this and will continue to address this in future patches.

Minor Fixes/Tweaks
  • Mouse wheel zoom is now more granular
  • Resolved an issue where player could place props above ground, resulting in floating props
  • Resolved a problem where manual deletion of single bricks wasn't registering in 100% of cases
  • Fixes to various Gingerbread man animations
  • Drowning no longer makes you immune to drowning
  • Resolved an issue with camera not returning to player focus when completing a quest
  • Death Debris added to various creatures
  • Corrected a problem with the mini-map that caused caves not to appear
  • Underwater VFX should no longer appear on-land
  • Player heart colour will no longer quickly flash between blue/red when at water surface level
  • Fixed rare issue where prop debris would float upwards if there was a water volume above it's location
  • In-game Save & Exit option now returns you to the main menu rather than to the title screen
  • Fixed a problem with looping Bicycle audio dropping out at odd intervals
  • Undo option in Brick-by-Brick menu now has audio underwater
  • Fixed duplication of items in certain animations
  • Selecting a prop that contains an inventory item then cancelling or exiting out of placement mode no longer leaves the prop floating in the air
  • Volume of certain ambient night themes has been adjusted
  • "Clear All Discoveries" should no longer ignore certain models
  • Texture update to the Elephant
  • Adjustments to cave generation algorithms
  • Undo/Redo should now function correctly when affecting edits made by the Smooth Terrain tool

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