Planet Coaster: Feuerwerk und neue Fahrgeschäfte im Sommer-Update

von Marcel Kleffmann,
Planet Coaster (Strategie) von Frontier Developments
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Ab dem 27. Juni 2017 wird man in Planet Coaster auch komplexe und individuell anpassbare Feuerwerke gestalten können. Mit dem kostenlosen "Summer Update" kommen außerdem drei weitere Fahrgeschäfte, fünf Achterbahnen, drei Szenarien und das "Stars and Stripes Scenery Pack" ins Spiel.

New Rides
  • Iron Claw. Feel the G-force with this classic pendulum ride, popular in parks around the world.
  • Blackout. This swinging ship ride is a coaster park classic, flipping park guests upside down with an inverting loop.
  • Sky Watcher. A stunning ultramodern observation platform forged from glass and steel with a rotating cabin offering panoramic views. A perfect centerpiece for any modern park.

New Rollercoasters
  • Gnarler. An all-modern train running on wooden supports will let your guests ride rough wooden tracks in comfort and style.
  • Viper One. Two 66 meter supports elevate and inline roll at each end for a truly terrifying multi-launch coaster.
  • Power Up. This compact coaster with a vertical inverting chainlift is designed for small-scale parks where land is tight, making for a short but exhilarating ride.
  • De-Gen. A 21st century train on a traditional looping track brings a coaster classic up to date.
  • Bolt. An old-school coaster train makes for a rugged ride on a modern boomerang track.

New Scenarios
  • Miss Elly's Diner, Goldmine Tower and Starship Hangar. Test your management skills with three new challenges.

New Scenery
  • Stars and Stripes Scenery Pack. Celebrate the Fourth of July with inflatables, flags, bunting, hats and confetti in glorious red, white and blue!

Video: Planet Coaster, Summer Update with Fireworks

Quelle: Frontier Developments

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