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Factorio: Patch 0.13 überarbeitet das Multiplayer-System, den Schienenbau und viel mehr

Factorio (Simulation) von Wube software
Factorio (Simulation) von Wube software - Bildquelle: Wube software
Für Factorio (Early Access) ist das große Update 0.13 veröffentlicht worden. Es umfasst neue Multiplayer-Matching-Server und Server-Browser, ein Ingame-Mod-Portal und ein neues Achievement-System. Verbessert wurden der Bau von Schienen, das Zug-Management und die Signale an den Zugstrecken. Darüber hinaus soll der neue Technologiebaum für mehr Transparenz sorgen, z.B. welche Technologien als Voraussetzung für eine neue Technologie benötigt werden. Neu sind ebenfalls ein Such-Feld und ein Feuersystem (Waldbrände etc.). Demonstriert und veranschaulicht werden die großen Neuerungen hier. Das vollständige Change-Log findet ihr hier.

  • Major features
    • Improved Multiplayer game UX (see https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-139 and https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-116). Server games are published to the server and clients can browse existing games. Automatic discovery for the LAN games.
    • Mod Portal integration. Factorio can list and install mods from the mod portal. more
    • Achievements and Steam Achievements integration. (https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-125) Modded games won't have the achievements recorded on steam.
    • Rail planner tool simplifies the rail building. (https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-113)
    • Added fire. Fire will spread between trees and cause forest fires, causing a large amount of pollution to be released.
    • Power switch. It can be used to control the energy flow. Power switch can be connected to the circuit network. (https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-115)
    • Added the Stack inserter - an expensive upgrade over fast inserters that can move several more items at a time.
    • Flamethrower turret. Fueled with fluid, shoots a stream of burning oil towards oncoming enemies.
    • Bonus gui (accessible from sidebar gui) showing bonuses the force has researched.
    • Train station window contains a list of all trains (each can be opened) that have that station on their schedule.
    • Single train gui now has an additional panel which shows the minimap/camera view of the given train.
    • Search field to the filter selection and recipes selection windows.
    • Trains gui. It displays all the trains as small minimaps with schedules, which can be searched.
    • Extension of the train wait conditions. (https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-114)
    • New locomotive, cargo wagon and train stop graphics. Locomotives can be colored. The trains are a consistent size in horizontal and vertical orientations.
    • New technology tree gui. (https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-128)

  • Minor Features
    • Blueprints can be now edited.
    • Added the Blueprint Book item - an item to manage blueprints. The book can be renamed and only holds blueprints.
    • Map generator algorithm changed, further resource field now have greater richness.
    • Added landfill, it can be used to replace water areas with grass.
    • Added yellow/black striped concrete tile that is rotatable.
    • Small sidebar gui containing buttons for main menu, production statistics, etc.
    • Armors have inventory size bonuses (10 for modular armor, 20 for power armor, 30 for power armor mk2).
    • Underground pipes and belts are placed at max connecting distance apart when built by dragging.
    • --scenario2map: Creates a save from a custom scenario, without initialising the graphics.
    • The lamp can change it's color based on circuit network signals.
    • Roboport is connectable to the circuit network. It sends the logistic network contents or the robot statistics of the network.
    • Accumulator is connectable to the circuit network. It sends it's charge level as a percentage.
    • Transport Belt is connectable to the circuit network. It can be turned on or off and it can send it's contents to the circuit network.
    • Rail Signal is connectable to the circuit network. It will send the signal's state and can block trains from passing.
    • Gate can be controlled through the circuit network by connecting to the wall next to it. It can be opened manually or send a signal if the player is nearby.
    • Requester chest's requested items can be set automatically from the circuit network.
    • Inserters can now send the item held in hand to the circuit network. Filter inserters can have their filters set automatically from the circuit network.
    • Most entities that can be turned on or off by the circuit network can also be turned on or off by directly using a logistic condition.
    • Circuit network and logistic network conditions can now be accessed by icons in the top-right corner of the entity's GUI, for all connectable entities.
    • Connected Red/Green wires are highlighted when hovering over a combinator or entity connected to the circuit network.
    • Wire disconnecting is incorporated in the latency hiding.
    • Crafting machine item/fluid total craft counts are recorded per force.
    • Intro sound in the loading screen.
    • Improvements to the statistics GUI (electric network/production info). Added the ability to filter out things. Added the ability to view "all" information recorded. Made the GUI scrollable.
    • Added /ban /kick /bans /admins and /admin commands.
    • Added /color command, so changing color doesn't require access to lua commands.
    • When running as a server, Factorio now accepts console commands on standard input.
    • When running as a server, Factorio can be told to listen for RCON connections. To use this, specify both the --rcon-port and --rcon-password parameters on the command line. The network protocol is specified here:
    • New parameter to start the headless server: --start-server-load-latest. Instead of accepting a save name, it will automatically load the latest save in the saves folder.
    • The "disallow-commands" flag has been changed to "allow-commands" and accepts "true", "false", and "admins-only" for values.
    • It is stored and shown which player built each of the machines.
    • Added cluster grenades and grenade upgrades.
    • Added flamethrower and flamethrower turret damage upgrades.
    • When creating a new map using the --create command-line option, --map-gen-settings can be used to specify the map generation settings.
    • Log file reopening on SIGUSR1 and a commandline option to disable log rotation.
    • The default font looks better (improved hinting for the thinnest weight).
    • Labels and values in descriptions have different colors.
    • Item health bars are rendered green, yellow, red based off the % health remaining like entities.
    • Modules support in blueprints.
    • Equipment can be put in open equipment grids using standard inventory shortcuts (shift + click, ctrl + click).

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CreatorX schrieb am
Endlich, die Suchfilter im Inventar waren lange überfällig. Ansonsten ja, kann ich bestätigen, tolles Spiel. An die tausend Stunden auf meiner Uhr lügen nicht :)
ZackeZells schrieb am
Den Hype baut man sich im Spiel selbst in ner Fabrik, brauchst dazu 3 x grüner circuit, 2 x rot sowie 2 x blauer greifarm und 1 x grüner :Häschen:
Davon ab - bin gespannt wie sich die neuen Train.-skins ins Gesammtbild einfügen.
Jointorino schrieb am
Fantastisches Konzept, hochmotivierend, sehr stabile und umfangreiche Early Access Version, ein leidenschaftliches Team und eine begeisterte Community machen in der Summe jetzt schon eines der besten Spiele das je über einen Bildschirm geflimmert ist.
Wo bleibt der frenetische Hype verdammt nochmal?!
schrieb am