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Test: Operation Flashpoint
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Operation Flashpoint: Update #3 ist da!

Neben einer Menge von Bugfixes für den Singleplayer- und Multiplayermodus und den Netcode, sind auch je vier neue Fahrzeuge und Waffen enthalten. Außerdem sind zwei neue Singleplayer- und vier Multiplayersmaps mit dabei. Unter weiterlesen findet Ihr eine Liste dessen, was geändert wurde und welche Waffen, Fahrzeuge und Maps dazu gekommen sind.

Achtung : Wer noch nicht das Update #2 hat, muss es zuvor installieren

Download Upgrade #3 V1.30 32,5 MB

Neue Fahrzeuge:
  • BRDM

  • BMP-2

  • OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

  • Bradley

  • Neue Waffen:
  • G36A

  • Bizon

  • Steyr Aug

  • M16 with optics

  • Neue Singleplayermaps:
  • C01Convoy

  • C02Battlefields

  • Neue Multiplayermaps:
  • 1-7_C_Oilwar

  • 1-8_C_DesertAmbush

  • 1-9_T_Conquerors

  • 1-10_T_TeamFlagFight

  • Bugfixes und Verbesserungen

    - Game lobby improved (Game in progress screen contain more information).
    - Voting now possible (missions, kick, restart, reassign).
    - Dedicated server is reporting itself to Gamespy.
    - Network parameter adjustments can be made in Flashpoint.cfg.
    - Bandwidth usage significantly optimized.
    - Ping times are now shown in game lobby and in players overview.
    - Decreased lag when hitting other units.
    - Server performance (CPU load) improved.
    - Server stability improved.
    - Respawning bugs fixed.
    - Vehicle boarding / disembarking / ejecting bugs fixed.
    - Session stability bugs fixed.
    - Fixed - AI killing team killers after respawn.
    - Manual fire enabled if gunner is not another player.
    - Fixed - unkickable ghost players occasionally appeared in player list.
    - Fixed - helicopter gunner did not see any units on the radar.

    - New laser target designators, laser guided bombs and missiles.
    - Several crash bugs fixed.
    - Speed of sound delay is now calculated for almost all sounds.
    - New w-buffer and multitextuing options to help with compatibility issues (Video / Options).
    - AI improved, better reaction to sound, improved bush visibility model.
    - Several ammo and armor parameters were adjusted to be more realistic (including Sabot ammo, AA missiles, ZSU ammo, A10 armor).
    - Boat bugs fixed (east boat gunner, water splash).
    - Soldiers and cars can no longer stay and fire under water.
    - Fixed minor bugs in HW T&L lighting model.
    - Bullet tracers were missing since 1.20. They are now optional (see Options / Difficulty).
    - Tank was wobbling when driving with mouse. Fixed.
    - Airplane ground target engaging improved.
    - Ejection from plane is real ejection, not only jumping out. AI attempts to eject from damaged plane or helicopter.
    - Sky drawing optimized; this can help framerate in high resolutions.
    - Empty tractor and sports cars were flying 1 m above ground. Fixed.
    - iFeel mouse effects did not work. Fixed.
    - When mission was saved while car was braking, car was sometimes frozen after load. Fixed.
    - Player character was sprinting when running up very steep hill. Fixed.
    Operation Flashpoint
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