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Entwickler: Deep Shadows
Publisher: Atari
Test: Boiling Point: Road to Hell
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Boiling Point: umfangreicher Patch 2.0 angekündigt

Entwickler Deep Shadows hat für die nächsten Wochen den Patch 2.0 für Boiling Point angekündigt - die Liste der Verbesserungen liest sich sehr viel versprechend:

  • improved: car dynamics;
  • improved: NPC & Combat AI;
  • improved: weapon's balance;
  • improved: helicopter dynamics, you can now turn on the spot;
  • improved: barrel physics;
  • added: cans to refuel different kinds of vehicles;
  • added: Weapon repair upgrades;
  • added: support of non-4:3 video modes;
  • added: the Nissan(Melarud) car now has it's own gfx-interface (cockpit);
  • added: NPC reacts on car horn;
  • added: steering Wheel Sensitivity lacks Plus and Minus signs;
  • added: informative messages appear while upgrading;
  • optimized: grass rendeing and fixed flickering on hilltops;
  • optimized: Bodies of Drivers accumulate over time
  • fixed: crash while loading some save files;
  • fixed: camera control when firing from the Pirania;
  • fixed: rendering error in landscape while flying a plane;
  • fixed: some situations where the user car would disapear;
  • fixed: sometimes in the vehicle list NPC names are displayed;
  • fixed: list of vehicles, now the last car you were using is N1;
  • fixed: when FPS are low you could fall through the map while driving a car;
  • fixed: the snake wasn't able to bite you while you were crawling;
  • fixed: car kills NPC's from slight touch;
  • fixed: car map indicators remained even after it was destroyed;
  • fixed: when you fire the RPG and quickly switch to a different weapon the remaining ammo does not decrease;
  • fixed: size of the moon;
  • fixed: corrupted frames beetween AVI movies were visible;
  • fixed: windows appear as dark squares while it's raining;
  • fixed: some open doors dissapear at certain view angles on indoor levels;
  • fixed: flickering triangles on bus (3rd person view);
  • fixed: boat appears to be filled with water;
  • fixed: boat trace can dissapear and flicker under some viewing angles;
  • fixed: flickering carpets in federal base;
  • fixed: posters in bar vanish as you turn away from them;
  • fixed: dog does not cast shadows;
  • fixed: water and landswell are not animated in 6th cutscene;
  • fixed: white square from car lights are visible on GeForce cards(1th person view);
  • fixed: on some occasions a white square is clearly visible around the moon;
  • fixed: savegame icon does not contain horizon and fog when saved in plane;
  • fixed: slight screen borders darkening on GeForce cards with Bloom effect on;
  • fixed: fog from car lights casts shadow;
  • fixed: portals on airport and city;
  • fixed: sports car's wheel are not clipping by the ground
  • fixed: grenades get stuck in the doorways and windows;
  • fixed: NPC standing in chairs;
  • fixed: missions "The Intimate drama - 1 and 2";
  • fixed: a metal clanking sound plays, if the user's character stabs the curtains;
  • fixed: user character stands in the air inside don pedro's island house;
  • fixed: passer-by's in Pueblo Faro walk in air near the bar;
  • fixed: the dead body lies in incorrect positions;
  • fixed: money obtained from the bus drive missions is not consistent;
  • fixed: if the music settings is set to min (any %), and the user rests in
  • game, then suddenly the music blasts to 100%;
  • fixed: characters speach is too quiet;
  • fixed: wrong message when paying for a vodka shot at the Puerto Sombra bar;
  • fixed: change a tire icon does not update correctly;
  • fixed: no driver in the taxi in pueblo-faro;
  • fixed: PSS is not available in the Trade Menu;
  • fixed: jaguar floats across screen at treetop level;
  • fixed: character fails to stop running if objectives window is open;
  • fixed: hint appears if the user is on the other side of wall;
  • fixed: soldiers do not hold Shotguns properly;
  • fixed: the two Policemen appear to stare at the ground;
  • fixed: npc die on contact with grenades, and not from the actual explosion;
  • fixed: prison A.I. gets stuck in doorways;
  • fixed: remove voice "A-a-a" when passer-by's are running away from player.
  • fixed: problem with invisible NPC

Quelle: Deep Shadows
Boiling Point: Road to Hell
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Conchulio76 schrieb am
Jede Wette dass der Patch über 100MB gross ist und überhaupt nichts bringt! Statt nur die kleinen Bugs zu beheben sollten die Entwickler die Performance-Probleme lösen damit das Game überhaupt spielbar wird!
Ultragore schrieb am
Wenn die Leute (in punkto Boiling Point mich eingeschlossen) mal so vernünftig wären und sich diese Gurken nicht kaufen würden, gäbe es diese Problematik gar nicht.
Offensichtlich lässt sich mit diesen ständigen Alphaversionen aber genügend Reibach machen.
Helfen würde jedenfalls ein kollektives Boykott. Da das aber praktisch leider kaum umsetzbar ist, scheffeln die Publisher weiterhin Kohle mit viertelfertigen Produkten.
johndoe-freename-69020 schrieb am
Ist ja schon Normal das Spiele bugs haben ohne ENDE
\" ich hab das game 30 Min gespielt..seid dem warte ich auf Patches.
johndoe-freename-461 schrieb am
ich ärger mich immernoch, dass sone unfertige scheiße rausgebracht wurde! kann man die nicht wegen mängel irgendwie verklagen?! bzw. schadenersatz fordern?
ich finds einfach ne sauerei, vom kunden zu erwarten, dass er sich patches ausm netz ziehen muss, die dann 200mb groß sind!
johndoe-freename-63396 schrieb am
fixed: prison A.I. gets stuck in doorways;
endlich sonst komm ich ned weiter in der Mission.... hoffentlich kommt der Patch bald^^
schrieb am