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Test: Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
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Rise of Legends - Patch verfügbar

Der erste Patch für Rise of Legends kann mittlerweile über die integrierte Auto-Update-Funktion runtergeladen werden. Der Patch behebt Absturzursachen, Wegfindungs-Probleme sowie Performance-Slowdowns und nimmt leichte Änderungen an der Balance vor. Probleme mit der Multiplayer-Connectivity werden mit dem Update noch nicht aus der Welt geschafft.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a crash when using shift+comma when there were no military units on the map.
- Fixed a crash on maps have large amounts of disabled terrain.
- Fixed a pathfinding issue when units were ordered to attack at max range.
- Fixed a bug in attack-move orders with grunts that was causing a significant performance issue.
- Fixed a timing issue causing some choppy animations for ammo, units and cutscenes.
- Fixed a bug where formations became overly spread out when siege and support were selected at the same time.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to instantly finish actions and create invulnerable units in multiplayer.

Balance Changes:

- The neutral Glass Spire unit Glass Heartseeker has been made more expensive, and the Marid has been made cheaper.
- Cuotl Holy Ark healing power increased at Worship Level 3.
- Cuotl Holy Arks Channel Mine ability now increases the output from mines by +2 at levels 3 and 4 Worship technology.
- Vinci Clockwork Spiders have had their build time increased and their cost raised by 5 Timonium.
- Xil's Sun Blast damage bonus reduced by 25% at all levels.
- Vinci Air Cruiser upgrade cost raised from 4/5 base cost to 6/5 base cost.
- Duration of Vinci Air Cruiser Super Barrage ability reduced to 20 seconds.
- Cuotl Judgment and Divine Power technologies now grant 0/50/150/400 of their respective resource at levels 1-4. This is an increase for Judgment and a decrease for Divine Power.
- Damage done by Cuotl Star Bolt increased by 25% at levels 1-3.
- Cuotl Sun Jaguars now cost 5 energy less.
- Sun Jaguar upgrades to Veteran and Elite have been reduced from 3 times and 4 times the base cost to 2 times and 3 times the base cost.
- Cuotl Scout Eye now has a 20 Timonium ramp cost.

Adjusted unit spacing & formations levels:

- Supply Units do not cram themselves into the "Trample", "Foot", and "Soldier" rows
- Spacing lowered for Cargo Dirigibles, Puzzle Boxes, Holy Arks, Siege Elephants, Dark Walkers, Juggernauts, Caravans
- Glass Cannon, Steam Cannon, Juggernauts, and Sun Cannon moved to "Command" row (with the heroes)
- Land Leviathan, Glass Dragon and City of Vengeance moved to the row behind the "Command" row
- Adult/Elder Golems, Magic Winds, and the Moon Gorilla moved back to the "Command" row
- Moved Air Destroyers/Cruisers, Rukhs, and the Siege Zeppelin behind the normal flying units.
- Adjusted location of the actual Civilian units: Armed Miners to the "Foot" row, and plain Miners to the very back row.

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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
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