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Entwickler: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Test: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Leserwertung: 89% [25]

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Dark Messiah: Neuer Multiplayer-Patch

Ein neues Multiplayer-Update für Dark Messiah of Might & Magic kann per Steam runtergeladen werden. Neben dem Colosseum fügt das Update vier neue Mehrspieler-Karten hinzu, verbessert die Balance und schafft einige Bugs aus der Welt. Beim Neustart von Steam wird das Update automatisch runtergeladen.

- Added new game mode - Colosseum. Colosseum mode is designed for multiple players to duel amongst themselves in a series of individual fights
- Added new map - clsm_circus
- Added new map - CTF_3
- Added new map - CTF_MP4
- Added new map - CTF_MP2
- Added SDK map compile utilities and documentation
- Archer Multi-Arrows (double, triple) now reduce stamina recharge when arrows drawn
- Assassin Cloaking sound halved in volume / range
- Mage Fire Orb damage now affected by elemental alignment (base fire orb damage reduced so full-fire alignment can't be insta kill)
- Mage Lightning spells now fully damage Magic Shields
- Priestess Soulmark ability increased duration
- Priestess 'pre-curing' effect added - now targets of heal are aware that the Priestess is casting it upon them
- Knight Safeguard reduced 'casting' time
- Knight Quick Attack stamina cost reduced depending on XP level
- Knights now slowly regain stamina while holding Stance, depending on XP level
- 'Low sample quality' optimization no longer automatically disables streams
- In-air damage impulses (aka 'Kiting') fixed. Characters will no longer take strong movement impulses from being hit with a melee weapon
- Lock-on range reduced when character is blinded / poisoned
- Increased size of Blind visual FX
- Spell created entities (magic shield etc) are now removed when the player who created them leaves the game
- Dead characters no longer receive health boost from rally troops
- Resurrection message added for the Mass Resurrect state
- Soulmark message no longer appears over dead soulmarked targets
- Times larger than 100 minutes now work in timer display
- Assassin Poison Daggers & Arterial Strike now have reticules as they should
- Knight can no longer break out of 'Stunned' state via an exploit

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