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RF Online: erste Erweiterung verfügbar

RF Online (Rollenspiel) von OnNet Europe
RF Online (Rollenspiel) von OnNet Europe - Bildquelle: OnNet Europe

Codemasters und CCR haben das erste große Upgrade für RF Online veröffentlicht. Das kostenlose "Giga Update" nimmt viele Änderungen am PvP-System vor, verbessert die Balance und bereichert die Sci-Fi-Online-Welt mit diversen Erweiterungen (wie das neue Battle-Dungeon "Dark Hole"). Das Update wird automatisch runtergeladen, sobald ihr das Spiel neu startet.


Current Battle Dungeon Upgrade

-24 more Battle Dungeons added – the 2 old Battle Dungeons will stay ingame
-Boss ‘Raid’ type of Battle Dungeon added
-All lvl 15 – 45 Normal and Ace monsters will drop the gate items, Cauldron Volcanic Area monsters and pit bosses will not
-The assassin series monsters in ether will also drop gate items
-The gates dropped will be relevant to the level of monster, i.e. lvl 15 – 20 gates will be dropped by lvl 15 – 20 monsters

The use of Battle dungeons has been changed

-You can now only enter Battle Dungeon gates via the Gate guide NPC located in the HQ of each Race
-All Gate items are now for parties
-It will be impossible for someone not on the group to use the gate
-Access to the gate is now limited to the levels described above
-Gates will only stay open for 15 mins

Battle Dungeon Modifications

-Using Shift Key, users can easily register gates
-Users can now ride MAU in Battle Dungeons
-Fixed transparent UI of gate
-Fixed vision decrease issue in the Battle Dungeons
-For the 24 added Battle Dungeons, the compensation has been increased


Changes to Item upgrade rules

-Upgrade failure penalty for Grade A (purple) and grade B (intense) items: the probability of item destruction, and likelihood of losing previous successful upgrades has been reduced
-Grade A items will suffer no penalties until 3 complete upgrades
-Grade B items will suffer no penalties until 2 complete upgrades
-Normal items are unchanged at no penalties until 4 complete upgrades

Random Chance of crafting normal/Grade A/Grade B items

-Only Metal Smiths, Artists, Scientists and Battle Leaders whose original class was specialist can randomly obtain Grade A or Grade B items when crafting

New Ammo added and crafting information changed

-Ejector: Aqua, Wind, Terra elemental ammos added
-Gatling type weapons: Exploding Volcan Magazine added (Attack power 15% increase, Wide-area attack)
-Firearm type weapons: Ice Magazine added (Aqua element)
-Craftsman can craft Grenade Launcher Ammos.
-Materials required for ammo crafting has been changed
-Crafting list of Ammo items updated


Party system Upgrade

-When a member of a party is attacked by a monster and receives defence PT, all other party members receive a small portion of defence PT as a party bonus

A New Guild Manager NPC added in the HQ of each race

-Guild manager NPC is in charge of guild related matters
-Guild creating option in race manager NPC is moved to Guild Manager NPC

Guild Master voting system introduced

-Grade 2+ guilds can vote the guild master
-Guild committee members can vote for a guild master amongst all the guild members
-One committee member can recommend a candidate for guild master, then the committee will vote on the recommendation
-If a committee member is a candidate, they cannot vote for themselves
-Committee members can always vote for a change in guild master through recommendations and votes
-The Guild master has a decision making right whilst he is Guild Master
-Guild masters are able to use the representative chat which is available to the Patriarch, vice patriarchs and other guild masters (see below)

New Representative chat system added

-An exclusive chat system for patriarch, vice patriarchs and Guild masters
-Chat is used via the /d command


Upgrades and changes for skills and force

New Class Skills

-Berserker: Beast Eye = Attack 15 / Dodge 15 increase/ 240 seconds
-Armsmen: Perfect = Aiming ability 50 increase / 240 seconds
-Templar: Grace = Attack 15 / Aiming ability 30 increase / 240 seconds
-Punisher: Magnetic Arm = Attack 15 / Aiming Ability 30 increase / 240 seconds

Class Skill Adjustments

-Holy Chandra Recovery Circle: Delay reduced to 8 seconds, HP Recovery reduced to 80%, FP Cost increased to 120
-Chandra Heal Wind: Delay reduced to 6 seconds
-Guardian Quick Charge: Skill Attack power 10% increase added
-Some beneficial buff skill time will increase by 1.5 to 2 times

Force Adjustment

-Sacrifice: Delay 2 seconds, Max FP Recovery 30%
-Healing: Delay 2 seconds, Max HP Recovery 30%
-Self Area Type force (area attack type forces): Attack power 10% increase added

Other Adjustments

-FP Cost of Self Area Type skills/forces increased
-Element resist effect is stronger, so elemental attack damage is increased
-All "anywhere” or "Map” targeting skills/forces must have a monster or a player to target
-Force attack damage point colour changed from red to blue

Race Special Feature Adjustment

Bellato - MAU

-Aiming ability of Goliath and Catapult dramatically increased
-Catapult version Aiming ability is higher then Goliath version
-As the attacking enemy has higher attack power, Mau’s defence power also gets higher respectively.
-Players will feel like Mau’s defensive power is reduced when low-level players attack them, but they will feel Mau’s defensive power being increased when players with high offence power attack them.
-Mau's will take more damage from Calliana series monsters

Cora – Animus

-The Ability rewards of Animus [Isis, Hecate, Paimon] by level up and Class up are increased by a large amount
-Animus ability rewards increase as the level and class of the animus increases, i.e. Isis - Attack power increase, Hecate - Critical Attack possibility increase, Paimon – Defence power and HP increase.

Accretia – Flamethrower

-Name is changed to Ejector
-Attack type is changed to Wide area type

Item effect and other adjustments

-Favour Talic: reduced elemental resist ability, elemental resist rate is –2 per each favour Talic in armour
-No elemental resist ability in shields
-Normal composed potion effect changed: aiming ability from 40 to 30, and can be bought from platform ticket NPC
-Lvl 31 and 33 armours can be purchased by Armour NPC in Outpost
-Each accessory items have letters from A to H in order to identify them by Elemental Resist info
-Dropped Weapon/Armour Item UI colour change by each class
-Normal item: As before will be white
-Grade A items: Purple
-Grade B items: Yellow


Chip War System Upgraded

-The Chip War Quest UI is upgraded
-A countdown appears in game 1 hour before the start of the chip war
-Clicking the B (Battle) button on screen will enable you to check stats on PvP points, No. Of other race kills and current situation
-Players will not lose EXP when they are killed by the Guard NPC near the chip, however they will from the Guard NPC’s near the mine portals

Chip carrier changes

-Last hitter of chip cannot use teleport items for 10 minutes
-When the chip is safely delivered to the core ort the carrier fails, he can then use teleport items

Battle Mode system

-There will now be a Non-Battle mode and a Battle mode
-Non-Battle Mode: Weapons can be equipped but fighting not all allowed, and no limit on using return items or logging out
-Battle Mode Weapons equipped, able to attack and be attacked during which unable to log off or use return items

Limits on Battle Mode

-Unable to use all return items
-Unable to enter the battle dungeon
-Unable to exit the game or log off
-Unable to exit the game whilst riding MAU
-If players end the client by force, the game server will recognize the character info for a limited time after

Requirements to change between Non-battle and Battle Mode

-15 seconds after a player’s last attack on others and not being attacked
-10 seconds after being attacked and not retaliating

Additional Changes

Macro System

-Pressing the ‘Y’ button now brings up a macro system with 3 tabs
-Auto Action and Auto-Chat feature can be used in both the macro window or shortcut belt
-Auto Potion: Potions are automatically applied when a characters HP/FP/SP drops below the set amount
-Auto Action players can set up to 10 kinds of skills, forces and character actions in 3 different types
-Auto-Chat: players can set 2 different bundles of messages and each holds 5 sentences, the 2 bundles are separated so they can be used separately, only one bundle (5 sentences) can be used at each time, finally when using auto chat, 5 sentences are indefinitely repeated every 10 seconds and players can deactivate it by selecting the icon again

Ability Rewards of Pit boss/Guard monster adjustment

-Aiming ability of Pit bosses is slightly increased
-Pit boss monsters’ attack power in HQ/Settlement/Cauldron maps have been slightly reduced
-HP recover delay of Calliana Queen, Brutal Rex, Blood Crawler Rex, Blood Vafer Rex, Blood Snatcher Rex and Varas has been reduced
-For all other Pit Bosses other than above, HP recover delay is reduced and recover amount has increased
-Guard monsters' HP, Aiming Ability and Dodge Ability has been increased by a small amount

Characters and Guilds Cash Holding

-One character can hold up to 3 billion Gold and 3 billion race currency
-Warehouse and Guild bank limit has been changed to 10billion Gold and 10 billion race currency

Chatting system

-When Chatting mode is closed from T- chatting mode, the height of the chatting window gets fixed
-Able to use the shortcut belt when chatting window and shortcut belt are overlapped


-Alt + Q or selecting Quit using the option, will bring up a confirmation message box

Dark Hole [New Battle Dungeon] added.

-Able to move into the Battle Dungeon by using Dark Hole Gate item.
-Dark Hole Game item is dropped by all monsters in Coldron Volcanic Area and the Calliana series monsters in Ether. (No pit boss drops)
-Dark Hole is set up with a series of rooms that players must progress through. Each room be get progressively harder to complete as players battle their way through to the final area.
-Users have 3 seconds of extra Mission time limit after the timer shows "00:00", in order to move to next room to complete the mission.
-Able to ride MAU in Dark Hole.
-Party leader needs to register the Gate item after talking to Gate Info NPC.
-Battle Dungeon items are limited to use according to the level on the Tool tips of the Dark Hole items.

An additional change was also made to the delay's on both the 'Healing' and 'Sacrifice' abilities. Both abilities now have a delay of 2 seconds.

Additional Bug Fixes/Changes

-There are two types of XP recovery pills, which are, the 'basic type' and the 'upgrade type'.
- The basic type (Recovery Capsule A) can be purchased from Each races' Hero NPC but the 'Upgrade items'(recovery Capsules B~E) – which are the capsules with better effects – are dropped from higher level monsters.

-Added Ring Item to Pit Boss and Ace Monster loot table.
-Modified mouse mode while in Bellato Mech.
-New Elemental Sword Added.
-Various special effects added to different weapons/shields.
-Group chatting function added:
- Up to 5 users (including the player) can participate in the group chatting.
- The command is '/character name 1, character name 2, character name 3 message'
- If player A enters, '/B,C,D, message', then to B,C,D players, will see the name of the message sender first and other character names will follow in the message.
- The command should not have any spaces between the comma and the character name

-Modified monster spawn rates in Ether. Increased the amount of Assassin Builder’s and reduced the revival time of the Chooties. Also reduced the amount of Calliana Atroc & Crue within the Calliana Archer area
-Thanks Giving event items added to drop table.
-The probability to obtain Talic items during processing is increased 3 fold, but the processing fee has increased.
-13 types of monster sound effects added to game.
-The time taken to revive Pit Boss monster has been changed.
-The short cut key [ ALT+0 ] to take screenshots is now changed to Print Screen key.
-Length of effect on certain potions displayed on the right hand side of the screen.
-Modified the XP recovery item so that they can be stacked.
-A change was made to the A grade long distance weapon items so that they are dropped by monsters.
-Player turrets will now attract aggro and receive damage from all monsters – especially Pit Bosses. This will make them far less effective as a farming tool.
-Turrets will now assist their builder in combat, and attack the player (of an opposite faction) that their builder is attacking - making them far more effective in PvP situations.
-Turrets will now attack any monsters their builder is attacking, even when the monsters aggro is not directed at the builder. This will make turrets far more effective in PvE combat.

Quelle: Codemasters Online Gaming


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