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Savage 2: Patch 1.2.3 veröffentlicht

Sobald ihr euch bei Savage 2: A Tortured Soul einloggt, werden automatisch die nächsten Updates runtergeladen. Mit den Patches geht es hauptsächlich Bugs an den Kragen und auch einige Balance-Anpassungen werden vorgenommen:

Version 1.2.3
- Stats will now submit properly

Version 1.2.2
- Fixed an issue that was causing servers to crash

Version 1.2.1
- Fixed a crash related to using persistent items

Version 1.2.0
- Malphas does roughly 150% damage to structures (down from 200%)
- Increased general movement speed by about 10%, however the sprint speeds remain the same
- Riposte no longer works against siege or Hellbourne
- Summoner's locust mana cost increased by 25%
- Decreased the duration on sentry hawks and electric eyes from 10 minutes to 3 minutes
- Commanders now earn all the experience his workers earn (building, repairing etc). This does NOT effect the current player ladder as commander stats and exp does not count toward your player SF
- Commanders now earn experience and kills from their towers
- Mana cost of tempest's push back ability lowered from 80 to 50
- Revamp to how eyes and hawks give experience (less reward for bunching them up, more reward for longer life, more strict definition of unique sighting)
- Removed the 5 second pause when transforming into a hellbourne unit
- Updates to the loadout screen. It will now point out the ability to mouse-over skills for their descriptions
- New ability descriptions on the loadout screen (will list the skill type as well as details on damage, duration, etc.)
- Shield Towers and Chlorophilic Spires now check for nearby buildings differently. This should prevent structures receiving the healing or shield benefit when outside the maximum range
- Some netcode changes to improve client smoothing in instances where clients start to lag
- Netcode optimizations (will improve latency by about 30-50ms on average)
- Fixed several memory leaks
- Fixed some timings on eye placement to better match animation
- Fixed some issues with projectiles, including appearing to pass through things that they impact
- Various NPC improvements/fixes
- Users who are below the minimum level requirement for a server may now join that server, however, that server will be filtered out of the list by default
- Removed spawn queues from warmup mode
- Fixes to warmup, gadgets/pets should now be considered allies or enemies properly
- Respawning NPCs on crossroads now have their own respawn timers (rather than all the respawning npcs on the map respawning at the same time), fixes some lag spikes
- Changed the timeout while connecting to a server from 10 minutes to 4 minutes (if you crash when connecting, your account should be "freed" after 4 minutes)
- Added some smoothing when placing gadgets. The preview should now smoothly transition when moving over uneven terrain
- Updated the ground sprites for Shield Towers and Chlorophilic Spires so they more accurately depict the buildings they will shield/heal
- Static Charge Spire is now named "Static Spire"
- Transparency for malphas, tempests, and behemoths should now trigger when they aim "down" to look at nearby units
- Updated the sound effect that plays when a soul is received
- Improved the chat filter slightly
- Fixed an issue where steam turret and venus plants line of sight was being blocked by objects that should not be blocking line of sight (such as corpses)
- Fixed issues with dynamic props being unattackable with certain attack types (This fixes tutorial's whirling blade section)
- Fixed an issue that was causing clients to potentially drop packets at the end of games
- Fixed an issue that was causing clients to time out when they shouldn't have been
- Fixed some issues with clients improperly timing out during connection
- Fixed an issue that caused the camera to warp to the corner of the map at the end game screen
- Fixed issue causing third person effects (such as flames) showing up in first person view
- Fixed issue allowing commanders to see game events through the fog of war (this should hide enemy officer auras through fog of war)
- Fixed one cause of the "Connection Interrupted" scenario
- Fixed Riposte against practice opponents
- Fixed an issue with storm shield that could cause players to recieve a negative amount of experience
- Improved commander's snapcast targeting and casting of AOE spells
- More netcode/lag fixes
- Added an area display for the Predator's Fear spell
- Fixed Tempest's ethereal shader, it should now look as intended
- Improve client smoothing code
- Reduced client-side bandwidth use
- The commander's cursor will now cause objects to go transparent, allowing him to see past trees and props that block vision.
- Fixed an issue that was causing some effects to not play
- Fixed the animations for the Battering Ram and the Tempest's Pushback, they will now always play properly
- Fixed Tempest's Pushback so that it properly hits units right up against the Tempest
- Fixed camera settings for the Revenant


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