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Savage 2: Patch 1.3.2 veröffentlicht

Wenn ihr euch bei Savage 2: A Tortured Soul einloggt, werden automatisch die nächsten Updates runtergeladen. Mit den Patches geht es hauptsächlich Bugs und Balance-Unstimmigkeiten an den Kragen:

- Several commander spells were awarding experience per target they were cast on. This has been removed. Experience is awarded based on the damage delt by your own buffed units or damage received by enemy units who are under the effects of a debuffing spell
- Bash mana cost reduced to 80 from 100
- Steam boost will now multiply movement speed by 1.8, reduced from 2.1

- Fixed a bug that would prevent players from being able to join teams if they disconnected and reconnected to servers without selecting a team
- Added confirmation dialogue for spectating and disconnecting
- Switched eden and crossroads in the map rotation

- Several changes were made in an effort to combat players intentionally stacking teams, unbalancing the game. These changes are:
1. All Skill-factor values and levels are hidden unless you are on a team
2. Once you join a team, you may not switch teams unless it is via the spawn queue prompt
3. If you do switch teams via the spawn queue prompt and stay until the end of the game, you are awarded an automatic win and 250 experience, regardless of the results of the match
4. Once you spawn as a spectator you cannot join a team. You must wait for the next map to join a team.

- Increased movement speed for walking and sprinting backwards
- Increased straffing movement and sprinting speeds to be equal to player speed when walking and sprinting forward
- Slightly increased stamina regeneration rates while idle and walking
- Legionnaire's bash ability damage increased from 60-80 to 80-100. Stun duration decreased from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds
- Malphas can no longer be "pushed" by melee abilities that have knock back (this includes tempest push back ability)
- Predator's venomous strike will now apply the damage over time for 8 seconds for 8 damage per second, up from 4.5 damage per second for 10 seconds

- Polymorph ability will now correctly disable the skills of the player using the spell, rather than the target player
- Fixed issue that was causing the doors in the tutorial to allow players to pass through them
- Fixed issue that was causing the "Waiting for # more players" message to report the wrong number for spectators
- The average SF field has been fixed for the in-game scoreboard, it should now report accurately
- Fixed the "promote officer" button not appearing for commanders in the game lobby during game setup
- Fixed a bug causing observers to spawn in the corner of the map instead of the center when in warmup
- Fixed a bug where TAB screen would not open for observers
- Fixed a few miscellaneous crashes
- Fixed an issue where steam turrets would ignore storm shield and still cause damage
- Fixed some issues with pet AI, should help with them correctly randomizing attacks
- Replays will now ignore max connected clients and passwords when starting up the replay
- Fixed some missing textures in the model viewer

- Added g_allowTeamChange, which determines if players are allowed to switch teams after the game starts - defaults to false

- Timer on demo charge decreased to 16 seconds from 18 seconds
- All siege damage buffed by approximately 10 percent
- Siege workshop and Charm Shrine cost decreased to 8500 from 12000
- Steambuchet and tempest cost reduced to 650 from 750
- Behemoth and Battering ram cost reduced to 800 from 1000
- Behemoth health reduced to 1600 from 2000. Stamina increased to 350 (from 300) and base movement speed increased to 200 (from 193)
- Battering ram health reduced to 1700 from 2050
- Behemoth should now be able to hit certain gadgets that he was unable to hit before (such as the steam turret)
- Malphas' damage against structures reduced from 150% base damage to 75%
- Malphas' quick attack uses 25% less stamina
- Malphas' melee attacks do 100% base damage to siege, down from 150% (not including siege armor)
- Malphas total stamina increased from 250 to 325
- Malphas' tephra wave cool down decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds, damage increased from 125-165 to 200-225
- Malphas' combustion ability cool down reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds, ranged increased by 12%, and deals 35 damage per second for 7 seconds, up from 20 damage per second for 10 seconds. Can now target gadgets.
- Malphas' Eruption spell damage increased to 200 from 125, radius increased to 300 from 200 and can now target enemy hellbourne.
- Malphas soul cost increased to 20
- Revenant does 100% base damage to structures, down from 250%
- Revenant's ranged attack has a slightly longer cool down and does less damage to structures
- Revenant's quick attack uses 17% less stamina
- Revenant's Atrophy spell cool down decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds, mana cost from 125 to 100, and radius increased from 325 to 350
- Revenant's soul cost increased to 7
- Malphas and Revenant are now unstunnable (including their melee strong attack and block)
- Sacrificial shrine build time increased from a base of 2 minutes to a base of 2 minutes 30 seconds. Cost increased to 9000.
- Arrow towers and strata spires do 50% of their base damage to hellbourne units
- Static charge spires do 20% of their base damage to hellbourne units
- Electric Eyes and Sentry Hawk's life time increased to 5 minutes from 3 minutes
- Very minor increase in Chaplain and shaman melee attack speed.

- Player count is now displayed on the scoreboard
- Several interface cleanups/tweaks to the game info screen, scoreboard screen, and observer screen
- Fixed a bug with persistent items causing armor, damage, and speed boost items to double their passive bonus while their "active" buff was in effect
- Made a change to server send and receive buffers that should alleviate any remaining lag issues
- Crossroads max players increased to 26
- You should no longer be able to get "stuck" inside other entities (such as being revived while an enemy is on top of you)
- Fixed dash accidentally activating if you double tapped the forward movement key while dash was in cool down (activating it when the cool down was up)
- Fixed a bug that broke the healing portion of the tutorial, as well as several other interface quirks.
- Joining a full server in which your account is still taking up a slot from a previous connection will now kick out the old instance of your account (allowing you to join)
- Fixed a bug with how commander experience was being awarded
- Observers now have a very large sight radius to remove fog of war
- Updated the connection time out display to only display when 25 seconds or less are remaining
- The Riposte effect no longer plays on the commander's screen when he damages a player with it in effect
- Block no longer breaks after blocking a single opponent
- Battering Ram, Tempest and Behemoth can no longer block or interrupt
- Fixed eastern bridge on deadlock, predators may now fit across it
- Fixed some areas causing AI pathing code to navigate incorrectly
- Fixed an issue caused by attempting to spawn as Hellbourne in Practice and Warmup
- Fixed some issues with eden and crossroads where players were able to build towers on mountains that players could not get to
- Fixed the bridge on eden, human siege may now cross it
- Fixed some areas where players could get stuck on crossroads (including fixing some invisible "walls" that players could run into if they ran too close to certain mountains)
- Fixed issue with pets not properly randomizing their first attack, which was making them predictable.

- Added QuickAttackEnabled, StrongAttackEnabled and BlockEnabled settings to all melee items
- Added StrongAttackInterruptable and BlockInterruptable to all melee items
- Added CanBeStunned setting to all Combat-based entities
- Added "Trigger on Pet" setting to Proximity triggers
- Added a GetLocalTeam() console command
- Added GetLevel(player index) scripting command


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