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Savage 2 - Patch 1.4.3

Nach dem großen "Free Content Update v1.4" haben die Entwickler nun die Version 1.4.3 mit einigen Balance-Veränderungen und Bugfixes veröffentlicht. Sobald ihr euch bei Savage 2: A Tortured Soul einloggt, werden automatisch die Updates runtergeladen.

- Spawn portal experience value on kill from 50 to 150
- Max health for spawn portals from 300 to 1200
- Cooldown time on portals from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
- Spawn portals can now be used multiple times

- Fixed some issues with pathing
- Fixed some server and client crashes
- Interrupt will no longer damage gadgets or structures
- Siege no longer recieves a camera kick when being attacked
- Fixed some PNG format clan icons not loading properly
- Fixed issues with white unit portraits, messed up health bars and units named "NAME"
- Fixed all known issues caused by hosting a local server and then connecting to an online server
- Fixed issues with Revenant and Devourer strong attack, they have now been re-enabled

- Promotional codes can now be entered during in-game account creation
- Map rotation system has been changed, it now plays maps in a linear order, the "weight" has been changed to a percent chance a map will be played (0.75 means 25 percent chance it will skip to the next map in the lineup)

- Steambuchet and battering ram turn speeds increased. They should feel a bit more maneuverable now
- Battering ram's flames ability no longer freeze the battering ram in place for their duration
- Behemoth's shockwave mana cost decreased from 75 to 60
- Behemoth's stomp mana cost decreased from 125 to 90
- Behemoth's trunk slam mana cost decreased from 75 to 60
- Tempest meteor now properly deals splash damage rather than full damage to all entities in the splash radius
- Devourer's vomit ability impacts a much wider radius, making it easier to hit opponents with
- Consume corpse does not make the devourer grow quite as big (maximum 60% size, down from 75%)
- Decay no longer harms the devourer. Mana cost per second increased from 4 to 7
- Moderately decreased overall exp earned from attacking structures. It's still more rewarding to attack a structure over attacking a player in terms of experience.
- Shield generators now stop tempest's meteor

- Grimm's wall on morning had its HP reverted back to 8000 for now. This will help with ranged siege attacking from behind the walls. A more permanent fix is in the works, at which time we will increase the wall health again.

- Devourer unit can no longer pick up items from NPCs
- More path finding improvements
- Fixed the "donate all" button on the loadout screen
- Made it easier to target corpses as the devourer after leveling up in size a few times
- OpenGL renderer: Fixed volume texture mipmap issues

- Reduced tempest and steambuchet range
- Increased the maximum range on interrupt from 100 to 135
- Increased duration of stun effects on being blocked or interrupted from 1 second to 1.4 seconds
- Spawn portal ability now has a 3 second cool down on damage, down from 5 seconds
- Spawn portal ability general cool down reduced from 75 seconds to 30 seconds
- Total experience earned for destroying a stronghold or lair reduced to 1250 from 2000
- Behemoth, battering ram, and malphas now have attributes applied to them
- Strength attribute now increased damage by 2.5% per point
- Agility attribute now increased 3.5% per point, up from 3%
- Stamina sprint cost down from 12 to 11
- Imp's gun mana cost increased from 13 to 15 per shot
- Imp's gun damage decreased from 40-48 to 35-42
- Ravager's damage decreased from 9-10.5 to 8-9
- Demo charge size increased by 25%, sight range decreased to 200 from 1000
- Steam turret hit points decreased to 350 from 500
- Venus plant hit points decreased to 400 from 500
- Builder's hitpoints increased from 350 to 375
- Conjurer's venomous spore weapon now has 6 projectiles instead of 12. The damage of each projectile has effectively been doubled, but the weapon now requires a more accuracy to hit with.
- Venomous spore damage increased to 65-80 from 62-75

- Maximum players on morning reduced to 20 from 24
- Fixed some areas on crossroads that were allowing commanders to place unreachable towers
- Moved human base gold mine on morning closer to the stronghold to put it in the buildable radius
- Added a death animation to Grimm's wall on morning, increased Grimm's wall's health
- Gold mine extraction rates on morning increased
- Added Devourer to practice and duel arena

- Enabled all loading screens, removed FCP #1 announcement
- Added two new tools to the editor for working with textures, controlled by the CTRL and ALT keys
- Added color tints that display when blocked or interrupted
- When sudden death mode is activated, it will be displayed in the upkeep section of the interface
- Attribute screen now pops up again when you have points to spend
- Made it easier for commanders to see the edge of maps
- Commanders can zoom out further
- Players will now be given the option of having their stats recorded or not when they first join a server

- Some path finding improvements (more to come)
- Fixed a minor bug in VoIP causing some console spam
- Fixed a bug that was preventing some of the animation based effects and sounds from precaching properly. This was causing some hitching, expect some performance improvements
- Removed the extra 30 seconds that were added to commander election time if leaving warmup mode
- Voice tips precache properly
- Fixed several crashes
- Unofficial servers now highlight correctly when selected
- Added spawn queue message to the loadout screen. This will display when the teams are unbalanced and the spawn queue is in effect
- Your player SF now displays properly in the loadout screen
- Added an experience bar in the loadout screen
- Fixed strength tool tip, it no longer mentions attack speed
- Changing resolution no longer requires a full reload of all interfaces, it simply resizes them to the proper size
- Fixed issue with the game browser on lower resolutions that would hide player level
- size of clan icons lowered to 24x24 from 32x32
- Music is now properly precached
- Fixed an issue that was causing persistent vault icons to not always show up properly
- Fixed a crash in the editor related to cloning entities
- Commander Reveal spell can now be placed within blocked area
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow a user to join a full server
- Fixed an issue where voice commands wouldn't show up after disconnecting/reconnecting

- XRandR is no longer required
- Fix problems when window manager gives game different sized window than requested
- Sound drivers list in options menu will now update after changing the sound output system

- Added two new maps, lostvalley and morning
- Added Voice over IP for commanders. The "" key is used to broadcast by default
- Added armor level progression. At levels 4, 8, and 12 your character will receive new armor
- Added a new "aiming mode" for Steambuchet and Tempest. Use your "Interrupt" button to switch to it
- Added a clan system, complete with clan reservation for clan matches on select servers. Check out for details
- Added a voice tip system. This system plays audio messages for each new game element you encounter. This can be disabled in the options
- Clan icons show up in game
- Added an Unofficial server list for player hosted servers
- Added automatic map download if you connect to a server hosting a map that you don't have
- New loadout screen and hellshrine screen
- Reconstructed the tutorial. It is now much more concise and offers a commander practice mode
- Added the Devourer unit, a hellbourne unit costing 7 souls
- Corpses now fade out slowly for the last 3 seconds of their lifetime
- Added some terrain rendering optimizations
- Players now always go to the spawn screen, even if only one spawn is available
- Added a "Return to Loadout" button to the spawn screen
- A notification is now displayed when your team has no commander
- A linux client of Savage 2 is now available
- Clan icons will now show in the score screens

- Stuns have been re-worked to no longer freeze the player. Abilities and attacks are disabled but the player can still move
- Stuns times were all generally reduced
- Blocking an opponent will cause 60 damage to the attacker, as well as reducing their armor by 35% and movement speed by 20% for one second
- You can block multiple opponents (your block will not lower when it is hit)
- Block takes 0.075 seconds to go into effect after hitting the block button, and can be held for a maximum of 5 seconds
- After releasing the block key, it takes 0.175 seconds to fully disengage
- Interrupt does no damage to opponents who are not blocking
- Interrupt deals 75 damage to opponents who are blocking, does 75 damage, and reduces movement speed by 20% for 1 second. Costs 22 stamina to execute
- Strafespeed reduced to 86% of base movement speed
- Quick attacking causes a 20% decrease in movement speed briefly, your movement speed returns to normal over .75 seconds
- All quick attack damage and range increased by approximately 10%
- Most ranged weapons had an approximate 15% increase in damage
- The angles on block and interrupt were significantly widened, it should be much easier to block and interrupt opponents who are in front of you

- Pathing code re-worked. Pets and npcs should path more efficiently around players and objects in the world.
- An icon will now display when certain skills are active (devourer's decay, polymorph, healingward, manaward, cheetah)
- Fixed crashes when hosting multiple local games in a row
- Fixed memory corruption due to some new pathing code
- Fixed several potential crashes
- Duel arena is once again functional
- Fixed an issue with pushback effects pushing players in the wrong direction
- Fixed an issue with how NPCs aggro off of damage
- Fixed an issue allowing players to view scores in the lobby
- Fixed an issue where spawn trigger and NPC setting definition boxes would go below the bottom of the screen in the editor
- Fixed an issue causing snapcasted spells to not properly check range
- Fixed a bug with quick attack causing it to ignore damage bonuses
- Fixed Revenant's melee impact time
- Fixed an issue causing the mouse wheel to continue scrolling through abilities when dead
- Fixed an issue where melee weapons would disappear when a skill is selected
- Fixed mouse cursor disappearing while placing buildings as a commander
- Fixed mana incorrectly regenerating while polymorph was active
- Fixed Heal Pet being able to target siege
- Fixed a bug where weapon sounds would appear "behind" you on surround sound systems while looking up
- Fixed several editor crashes (Texturing bug still being elusive...)
- Added a fence and some more blockers to the bridge on Eden, to prevent falling in the water

- Players can no longer take command if they have loadout time remaining
- Leaving command now causes a loadout time of 25 seconds
- The build ability of builders and conjurers is now entirely disabled if a commander is present
- Increased Engineer's stamina from 125 to 150
- Officer aura stamina regeneration boost reduced
- Savage's Morale stamina regen boost reduced
- Jump attack no longer stuns blockers/interrupters, it simply does damage
- Builder's Rifle damage reduced slightly
- Savage's Ravager ammo reduced slightly
- Imp's projetile speed increased slightly
- Holybolt now does less damage against Hellbourne
- Jump attack no longer restores stamina on a successful hit
- Enrage and Rage now give a 25% melee damage increase instead of attack speed increase, 50% armor reduction
- Reduced price of hellshrine to 7500
- Move speed debuff on conjurer's Venomous Spore now decreased movement speed by 10% instead of 20%
- Conjurer's roots no longer root human siege
- All tower costs reduced
- Strata and arrow tower increase in HP and armor, increased attack speed
- Venus plant now "builds" twice as fast. It should start firing quicker, similar to steam turret
- Commander spell reveal had its cool down increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
- Commander can no longer speed boost human siege
- The builder now uses the shotgun as his primary weapon. Armory needed to unlock his rifle
- Builder Shotgun ammo reduced from 25 to 20, damage increased slightly, range decreased slightly
- Builder Rifle now has 25 ammo, down from 30
- Tempest's push back ability has a wider angle, should be a bit easier to use
- Tempest etheral will now allow the tempest to move at half speed. Etheral form is now dispellable by commanders.
- Scout's crossbow has faster attack speed, slightly more damage, and a slightly faster projectile
- Scout marksman bow has less attack time and less cool down time. This should increase its rate of fire
- Shapeshifter's lightning gun mana cost decreased from 50 to 35
- Conjurer's entangle trap lasts 2.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds
- Conjurer's entangle trap had its affect radius decreased from 200 to 150
- Venom spores speed reduction down from 10% to 7.5%, more venom pellets in the shot, wider spread to the shot, shorter range overall
- Gold and exp awarded for killing the bearloth and imp has been drastically reduced
- Cheetah form now requires a nexus
- Bearloth's melee attack speed from 1.3 seconds to 1 second. Damage slightly decreased
- Behemoth's main melee attack now hits at 30 degree arc, increased from 10 degrees
- Behemoth's Trunk Slam and Shockwave had mana cost decreased and damage increased
- Mana cost on behemoth's stomp ability was increased
- Tempest's range with meteor was increased
- Streambuchet's range on both attacks were increased
- All siege now cost 750 gold
- reworked all item costs. Generally everything is cheaper, except for the health shrine which had its cost increased to 200 from 175
- Removed the freeze effect on predator's enrage ability to make it more useful in combat
- Decreased worker movement speed and increased stamina pool
- Tempest stamina lowered to 150
- Strength no longer has an effect on attack speed
- Modified attribute point costs
- Increased observer movement speed
- Players no longer gain experience for using their own ammo demo or mana fountain
- Revenant weakened slightly, soul cost from 7 to 4
- Entangling Roots is now removed by damage. Removed damage over time from conjurer spores but buffed their damage to compensate.
- Shield generator now gives experience based off of amount of damage blocked, instead of number of projectiles
- Shield generator no longer recieves experience from NPC attacks


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