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World in Conflict: Erster Patch angekündigt

World in Conflict (Strategie) von Vivendi Games / Ubisoft
World in Conflict (Strategie) von Vivendi Games / Ubisoft - Bildquelle: Vivendi Games / Ubisoft

Massive Entertainment hat im offiziellen Forum den ersten Patch für World in Conflict angekündigt: Leichte Balance-Änderungen werden vorgenommen, diverse Bugs aus der Welt geschafft und die DirectX 10-Performance wird verbessert. Das Update soll im Laufe dieser Woche erscheinen (ein fester Termin wird nicht genannt).

This update introduces several new features that allow players to customize their profiles, and it improves the DX10 performance on all graphic cards. The update also includes many smaller fixes, tweaks and balancing improvements.

Units and balancing:
- The fire rate for US and NATO Heavy Artillery has been improved.
- Score for repairing your own repair units has decreased.
- Score for repairing friendly units has been increased.
- The cost for Airdropped Light Tank Tactical Aid is now higher.
- The recharge time for all Airdropped Unit Tactical Aid has been increased.
- The target area for Air-to-Air Strike Tactical Aid has been increased.
- The view range for Airborne Infantry has been decreased.

Server side:
- Players per role cap is now a server setting, default is 4.
- Auto-kick of idle players has been improved and turned on by default.
- Servers can now ban players that have been kicked from the server.
- A limited server admin functionality has been added, you can now kick players and change maps.

- Guestbook, motto and web-link has been added to player profile.
- You will no longer auto-scroll to the end of chat when a new message arrives.
- Winning a game will now increase the score reported to the leaderboard.
- We have updated the description for some awards.

Bug fixes:
- Targeting bug for Heavy Helicopters has been fixed.
- Attack ground directly below Helicopters has been fixed.
- No sound is played when enemy units fire out of line of sight.
- Earning points and tactical aid when losing infantry units has been fixed.
- VOIP does no longer lower volume if VOIP has been turned off.
- Move order on mini-map feature has been improved.
- Killing infantry squad now counts as only one kill in Massgate stats.
- Infantry reinforcement feedback sound is no longer heard by everyone on the team.
- Feedback sound now is now played when Offensive Special Ability order is given instead of delivered.
- Accepted request does no longer give a generic tactical aid output.
- Infantry squads will no longer get de-selected when a member dies.
- Performance on ATI DX10 cards has been improved.
- Performance on DX10 has generally been improved.
- Crater artifacts on ATI cards has been fixed.
- Wide screen is now HOR+ instead of VERT-.
- You can now save replays in the online only version as well.
- Players that get kicked or banned now get a confirmation.
- Added description to flags when choosing faction.
- The artillery warning marker from the US Heavy Artillery smoke screen Special Ability has been removed.
- USSR Heavy Tank now turns turret before firing its special ability.

- A console command for scaling time in replays and single player has been added.
- You can now use the VOIP outside of team after a match and during loading.

Please note that the following change which was originally in the list has been rescheduled to update #002:
- Infantry does not "fly" into position in houses any longer, they fade.



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