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Publisher: Ubisoft
Test: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

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Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific
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Silent Hunter 4 bekommt dritten Patch

Mit zwei Patches haben die Entwickler von Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific bislang nur einen Bruchteil der Fehler der U-Boot-Simulation aus der Welt geschafft und damit sollte es eigentlich auch gut sein. Ein weiterer Patch war nicht in Planung, aber die überaus aktive Community hat es im offiziellen Forum mit ellenlangen Hinweisen zum Gameplay, Bug-Meldungen, Fehler-Listen und einer Belagerung der Telefon-Hotline tatsächlich geschafft Ubisoft umzustimmen. Der Publisher hat mittlerweile bestätigt, dass der Support für Silent Hunter 4 fortgesetzt und ein dritter Patch erscheinen wird. Folgende Veränderungen sind geplant:

- Eliminate the instances where the player gets assigned the same mission multiple times, even though the game is meant to give you variety and different missions, of course depending on historical context

- Solve a small conversion error with the stadimeter when using 'imperial system' for in-game data display.

- Add an "assisted method" to determine the target's speed when playing with the manual targeting option set to "ON", to simulate the firing party putting together subsequent range checks from the captain.

- Recheck all ship dimensions in the game config files to solve errors in target range calculations

- The submarine radars (SD, SJ) should work consistently and detect targets in all appropriate circumstances

- The players career is ended sometimes by high command, for inaccurate reasons such as perfectly good and new submarines being retired from frontline duty. This will be sorted out to work as intended.

- Multiple AI improvements

o The Group AI should always choose a new commander when the current one gets killed, instead of waiting for the currently assigned one and having all ships circle around

o Destroyers should take into account the estimated depth of their targets and sinking time of depth charges when deciding the dropping point, while remaining human-like and prone to error

o AI and submarine sensors will be tuned for more realistic performance

o AI units will now take notice of nearby ships being destroyed even when there is not a trace of the attacker

- Several ships classes (for example Japanese Sub-chaser and the Akizuki class) will have improved firing arc definitions that make them a more realistic and deadly opponent in gun duels

- Improve the "Realistic sound speed simulation" to eliminate sound effects cutting when the player is moving around with the external camera

- Improvements will be made to the Sonar and Radar stations to make them more user friendly

- The Submarine upgrade screen will be improved to present the relative merits of various torpedoes and systems that are available to the player.

- Sampans will no longer be detected by Hydrophone

- Players crossing the International Date Line should not lose their map torpedoes silhouettes

- The Torpedo Bearing Transmitter screen and all interfaces should display correctly on all resolutions

- Colorado class battleships will be added to the game

Keep in mind this list is WIP, and although we're doing our best, in the end we might just be unable to fix some of them for 1.3. Or some other items will make it on the list.

And if there's something glaring wrong with the game that's not on the list, post it here. Maybe we were not aware of it ... yet.

When will the patch be out? There is no release date set yet, we're taking our time in order to have the maximum of fixes with a stable code.

Quelle: Ubisoft


SchmalzimOHR schrieb am
Jupp Dark Messiah war auch mein letztes Ubisoft Game,haben einfach mit der Patchpolitik und den dazugehörigen Statements den Vogelabgeschossen.
4P|Marcel schrieb am
also "WIP" heißt in diesem Sinne wohl "Work in Progress". Also sind es die für Patch #3 geplanten Veränderungen (die sich also noch ändern könnten).
Schöne Grüße
johndoe463679 schrieb am
"Keep in mind this list is WIP"
sollte es nicht VIP heisen? :cry:
Ninjada schrieb am
Ich kauf schon seid Far Cry kein Spiel mehr, was Ubisoft published. Und genau aus solchen gründen.
Spiel auf den Markt bringen, Geld abstauben und das wars.
schrieb am