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Massiges Front Line Force 1.3a Update

Gestern abend zur amerikanischen Ortszeit sind die Entwickler von Front Line Force, dem Half-Life Mod, mit dem Hochladen der Client-Version 1.3a fertiggeworden, bei der sich vor allem in der Aufteilung der Dateien etwas getan hat...

Wichtig für Alle!
For Server Admins in particular, please be sure and check out the Front Line Force site for information on using maps which are now part of the Classic Map Pack (i.e. removed from the Official download).
Server admins, keep in mind that 7 maps have been removed from the main FLF installer, and placed in the Classic Map Pack. That means that if you run any of these maps: flf_bridge, flf_deep6, flf_dlord, flf_fox, flf_heatwave, flf_hill, or flf_snow players that don´t have the Classic Map Pack wont be able to connect. If you still wish to run these maps, please label your server ´Classic Maps´ or something similar.

And to everyone, be sure and read the new manual included for information about the new console commands in this version!

Download FLF V.1.3a Full Win32 (54,3 MB)
Download FLF V.1.3a Update Win 32 (4,17 MB)
Download FLF V.1.3a Full Linux (56,3 MB)
Download FLF V.1.3a Update Linux (4,66 MB)
Download FLF Classic Map Pack (19,7 MB)
Download FLF Official Map Pack (22,4 MB)


Bug fixes from 1.3
- HUD messages fixed, some other minor fixes; however, most importantly - The random crash bugs.
There appear to be two things causing these.
First are the Capture Point location brackets, when those are drawn some people report crashing.
The other bug is more elusive. Most people report it happening with grenades going off around them, or with the UMP45.
To address the first bug, I´ve re-enabled the cl_cpstatus command, so if you´re crashing you can just disable the brackets. Additionally, I think I´ve located the cause of the CP location crash and removed it. I can´t be sure because I´ve only been able to reproduce the crash once, but it´s a good shot.
The other bug has been much harder to track down, I´ve searched through the source and added safeguards against crashing, but no specific fix for the grenade/ump45 crash.
Hopefully with these safeguards and the CP location crash fix, crashing overall will drop, even if I didn´t quite squash that last elusive error.

New Features
  • Tweaked round timer on first round to give people a chance to connect and get in-game before they start playing.

  • Added a feature where the server will remember your score for upto a minute after you disconnect, so if you crash in a clan match, you can at least get your score back.

  • Added visual effects with bullet holes and grenade explosions.
    Tweaked FAMAS damage (as mentioned on forum) - We´re still considering tweaks to other weapons such as the automatic shotgun, the MSG90 and the MAC10. However, as of now everything is the same.
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