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GalCiv 2: Twilight of Arnor - Patch 1.95

Der finale Patch 1.95 für Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of Arnor wird automatisch runtergeladen, wenn ihr Impulse oder Stardock Central startet. Folgende Veränderungen nimmt das Update vor:

(Includes changes from 1.92, the unofficial alpha)

+ NEW: Improved Starport improvement graphics

+ NEW: Zoom to Mouse cursor option

+ NEW: Added ship components for Disruptors IV and Photonic Torpedo III techs

+ NEW: Removed a duplicate entry in the StarbaseModules.xml file.  Also added some starbase modules with "Mining" and "ProductionAssist" abilities to compensate the races that do not have the factory line of techs in their tech trees (Iconians, Thalans, Korath, Yor).  And I didn't just blindly add these, I made a spread sheet of all the starbase modules that each race has access to and filled in a few of the holes with new modules the best way I saw fit.  They are tied to race-specific techs, so no other races will inadvertently be affected.

+ NEW: Clicking on Race Logos on the Civ Manager>Timeline>Legend screen will toggle them on/off in the timeline

+ NEW: Optional realtime clock on the main screen

+ NEW: Clicking on the 'Date' will toggle between current Turn and Date display ('Dec 22, 2943' > 'Turn# 123' )

+ TWEAK: Remove Terror Star techs from Iconians in the final TA mission (otherwise this mission is WAYYYY too easy)

+ TWEAK: Legend screen only lists the races you know

+ TWEAK: Made sure some techs were non-tradable and non-stealable because they now unlock starbase modules that I intend to be race-specific.

+ TWEAK: Fixed a few spelling/grammatical errors in the Yor tech tree.  Specifically, changed "York" to "Yor" and "significant" to "significantly"

+ TWEAK: Fixed a typo in the Thalan tech tree.  Changed "product" to "produce"

+ TWEAK: The research cost penalty has been reduced

+ TWEAK: Removed the description for the Divergent Evolution tech from both the Drath and Altarian tech trees so I could put it in techTree.xml.  The description was exactly the same in the race tech trees including a bunch of misplaced linebreaks, which I fixed.

+ FIXED: A few typos in the descriptions of some ship components.  Namely, when describing the numeric amount of HP or % boost a component gives.

+ FIXED: The Krynn were using the Torian's description for Aquatic World Colonization.  Removed that, so it'll use the default description now

+ FIXED: Added "Space Weapons" and "Space Defense" techs back into the Thalan tech tree in their usual place right before the weapons and defense branches.  I made them cheaper than usual so you can still have a quick research route to those branches of the tree.  The reason I had to add them back in is because they provide starbase modules that are prereqs to other starbase modules that are still being unlocked in the thalan tree.  Without access to the prereq starbase modules however, any modules that depend on them are impossible to use.  Simply adding the two techs back into the tree fixes the issue.

+ FIXED: Bug where you could buy several improvements for the planet on the same turn from the quick build screen.

+ FIXED: Bug where if you bought a ship on a planet, you couldn't buy an improvement that turn

+ FIXED: Bug where the colony management screen didn't always have the most recent data

+ FIXED: Planet height maps that were placing tiles in the 'ocean' parts of the planet images

+ FIXED: Mind Control Center improvement

+ FIXED: Modified plague and disease mega-events to notify a player that they must research antivirus software or firewalls as a robotic race to find the cure, not plague cure or disease cure

+ FIXED: Gravity Accelerators were missing a Special ID, which was causing a crash when they were built

+ FIXED: Now can't trade Ascension starbases

+ FIXED: PlaceAgentWnd: Next and previous buttons should only show planets that you know about (aren't hidden in the FOW)

+ FIXED: Crash that occurred when a terror star was added to a fleet


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