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18.06.17, 21:11 Uhr, Bobic

Podcast: 20 Jahre Evoke

Mit einem 90-minütigen Podcast zu den besten Demo-Soundtracks aus 20 Jahren "Evoke" startet das Jubiläums-Special zur Kölner Demo-Party.

Evoke turns 20 this year. Time to turn back time and give an ear (or two) to listen to our favourite demo soundtracks from two decades of perfect scene spirit and mindblowing releases.

Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by Oni, compiled and described by Bobic

Track list:
01. Opening: Chromag & XXX - Evoke Evoke (because hearing XXX doing the Frank-man never gets boring)
02. 1998: Mindwalker - The Iceberg (because it's so 1998'ish in all it's audiovisual glory and 1998 was a lovely year for the scene)
03. 1999: Wacek - Black (because this is so trippy and unique and still sounds fresh in 2017)
04. 2000: Xhale & ps - True (because ambient soundscapes create such a deep mood)
05. 2002: Melwyn, Virgill & Aurora - Epilog (because some might call this cheesy, I call it music made by three angels)
06. 2002: Krii - Haushalten (because Krii knew how to do perfect demo grooves)
07: 2003: Paniq & kb - Edward Teller [fr-032 e.t.] (because kb has the voice and Paniq is a true beat beast)
08: 2004: Malik Trey - Paraglide [The Everlasting Blink] (because Malik Trey has the feeling for perfect demo soundtracks and did way too less)
09: 2005: Sire - Perfect Love (because this is totally aweseome and marks a milestone in my personal scene history)
10: 2005: blz - Final Audition (because Wojciech Golczewski is the Hans Zimmer of the demoscene)
11: 2006: Paniq - Die Ewigkeit schmerzt (because typography never sound so mindblasting again)
12: 2007: dq - 8-bit Wonderland (because lovely chipbeats always work in the scene)
13: 2007: Willbe - Techlow [Sweet Home Under Synthetic Clouds] (because it's Willbe)
14: 2008: Virgill - Hyperbased (OMG its a CUBE rmx) [BitJam RMX 001] (because legends know how to create a perfect remix of a legendary track)
15: 2009: cTrix - Syntax Party 2009 invite (because crazy musicians can make us going wild like no one else can)
16: 2009: Jean Nine - Cat's Cradle (because sometimes you notice years later how impressive someone's work is. I miss your stuff!)
17: 2010: BitArts - ZINE Jingle [ZINE #14] (because we never saw such a great diskmag again - and all happened at Evoke)
18: 2010: Mikael Fyrek - Nothing Left [ZINE #14] (because it's perfectly relaxing music for reading interesting articles)
19: 2011: Netpoet - Say my Buenzli [My Buenzli - The Demodays 2011 Invitation] (because Netpoet and Buenzli play an important role in the Evoke family)
20: 2012: Gargaj - Vaere (because this is just beautiful)
21: 2013: rp - Calcifer (because this ambient masterpiece breathes the spirit of Aural Planet with every single sound)
22: 2014: lug00ber - Clíches (because the god of drum and bass music has proven once again that he plays the demo bass perfectly)
23: 2015: Alpha C - Ninkasi (because as a child of the 80's synthwaves are running through my veins forever)
24: 2016: elMobo - Are you skilled [Analysis] (because it's not only a great track, but also a dream came to true to get support from a real legend for our Analysis project)
25: 2016: Elwood - The Guild of Rewind [Analysis] (because this tune blew me away from the first second and it shows that the stompin' little scouts gave an outstanding comeback)
26: 2016: Hoffman - Serenity [Road to Evoke] (because this video had such a great atmosphere because of this lovely piece of music)

Total playing time: 1:30:17

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