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10.12.17, 20:49 Uhr, Bobic

Offscreen Colonies für VR!

Die brillante, im Original nur 64 Kilobyte große Intro "Offscreen Colonies" von der Gruppe Conspiracy, gibt es ab sofort auch als VR-Erlebnis für Oculus Rift! Damit ist die für uns beste 64k Intro des Jahres 2015, das erste Werk der Demoszene, das für dieses System entwickelt wurde.

Die offizielle Mitteilung von Conspiracy:


Conspiracy Releases World's First Virtual Reality 64k Intro In 128k

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: World renowned demogroup Conspiracy is proud to announce the world’s first demoscene product in virtual reality, a special edition of award winning 64k intro Offscreen Colonies, now exclusively available for viewing on the Oculus Rift for free. (PEGI 3+)

The widely appreciated and highly ranked intro has been fine-tuned and improved in comparison to its already impressive original version to offer an even more exciting and immersive virtual reality experience for all ages. Scenes have been expanded upon using cutting edge virtual reality technology and the best virtual reality artistic practices to provide the viewer a lasting VR experience of a lifetime.

Reflecting on the final product, art director Zoom says, “It is exciting for us to be the first to break this new artistic barrier for the demoscene, and hopefully we can remain on the forefront of this wonderful new frontier for years to come.”

Offscreen Colonies: VR Edition is available for download on the Oculus Store.

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