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CSS: M4 Aimable-Sirs
Datum: 30.08.08
Anzahl der Downloads: 3190
Dateigröße: 10,06 MB
Dateiname: css_m4_aimable_sirs_updated.zip

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Author's Notes
I know the aimer at the end of the sight when you look down the gun is higher than normal, but it's still on the center of the screen. The reason for that is that if it were how it normally looks then you can barely see anything through it and it simply becomes impractical to use.

Also, this does not actually make the gun more accurate or have less recoil. It just looks cool.

Model: TheLama
Skin: !NC!Furious
Skin Edits: -WildBill-
Animations: -WildBill-
Compile: BadPrankster
Sounds: Vunsunta, & various others
World Models: BadPrankster
Screenies/Render: -WildBill-
Buy Menu Pic: -WildBill-
And for all the credit nazis: yes, the hands were made by Valve...

* Extremely detailed and accurate R.I.S. M4 model!

* High-resolution textures and normal maps!

* Brand new set of animations exclusively for this gun!

* Quality custom sounds for a powerful in-game feel!

Well, I came up with this idea over the summer to have an M4 that instead of silencing it like normal, you actually aimed it down the sights like you do for a real gun. So I began work on it and right away people were like "you dumb nub this has already been done before!" Apparently Mullet did a set of animation that aimed down the sights as well, and I didn't know. But I was already half way through animating it and I liked how it was turning out so I decided to keep at it and finish it up. Now, I'm definitely not Mullet, nor am I even close, but I think these actually turned out kind of nice. Let me know what you think!

And again, this is my 2nd release of animations. I'm still new to it all so give me a break. :P

As always constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! If you've got any suggestions for improvements, or if you'd like to see a new set of animations, just let me know! :D

Feel free to edit, modify, hack, reanimate, recompile, reorigin, redistribute, or do anything to this skin in any way. All that I ask is that if you do release these animations elsewhere, modified or not, please at least credit me as the original creator. Thanks again, and enjoy!

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