Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Special, Action-Adventure, PC, PlayStation 2, Sony PSP


Special: Tomb Raider: Anniversary (Action-Adventure)

von Benjamin Schmädig

Publisher: Eidos
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Which name - and don't I hear anyone say Lara Croft for a change - stands for Tomb Raider like no other? Of course: It's the spiritual father of that noble maiden, Toby Gard. After he shipwrecked with Galleon, Toby returned to Eidos as an advisor and felt free to answer our questions when we inquired about stereotypical characters, his future as well as Lara's strenghts and weaknesses...

4Players: Your name always gets associated with Lara Croft. But is there any game that you'd rather like to be associated with?

Toby Gard: Galleon I was really pleased with, actually.

4Players: Even though reviews were quite moderate?

Gard: They weren't, actually! Critics were extreme. They either liked it a lot or they hated it. It got really high scores and really low scores, but virtually none middle scores.

4Players: When you invented Lara Croft what was she as a character? Who did you want her to be?
A character like no other: Lara goes back to her roots.

Gard: Well, the key thing was: I wanted to make the opposite of a character that everyone else was making. Everyone was making blond-haired, blue-eyed, American, square-jawed, muscular guys who were sarcastic and rude. And so, I wanted to make a character instead who was an English aristocrat, well mannered, but equally incredibly dangerous. So basically, its pretty much the opposite of what everyone else was doing.

4Players: Is there anything you didn't accomplish from what you set out to do?

Gard: No, the goal was to invert that style, and she was literally the opposite of that type of hero.

4Players: Apparently you left because you weren't pleased with how Lara Croft was represented by Eidos. Is she now where you want her to be? Is she going where you want her to be going?

Gard: It's definitely in the right direction. I've been working with Crystal Dynamics for a couple of years now. Lara going in that way is definitely very close to the right stuff for me. I think they're doing great!

4Players: Are you going to stay with the series?

Gard: For the time being, yes. There is a lot of stuff I'm interested in seeing. There are aspects of the character I
In Anniversary wild animals appear in the same places as in the original - scary moments guaranteed.

want to explore. Some of it is being explored in Anniversary, which is really good. The basis of Lara Croft is that she is very driven. She does things no normal person would do in order to achieve her goals. And her goals are normally like getting her stuff out of tombs and solving mysteries. So with a character that's that driven and that dangerous there are always going to be interesting stories about how far she is willing to go in order to get what she wants. And that's really the key thing in Anniversary: How far she is willing to go to get the artifacts that she is seeking?

4Players: Are we going to get some insight into Lara Croft that is new to players of the original Tomb Raider?

Gard: It depends. Understanding the story in Tomb Raider 1 is going to be a big thing in and off itself, because most people didn't really understand the story. There is a lot of information in Tomb Raider 1 or in Anniversary that's really important to Lara, that ties into her obsession. We are all going to understand more afterwards and we are going to see critical changes in Lara, things that make out who she is. 



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