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Special: Bionicle Heroes (Action-Adventure)

von Benjamin Schmädig

Publisher: Eidos
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Talking with Jonathan Smith is like a coffee party with a big kid: He constantly disassembles his LEGO toy only to put it back together again, has an honest smile on his face and in every word he speaks you can hear this charming, british-smirky undertone. Hence the question: What can he tell us about Traveller's Tales' spiritual LEGO Star Wars sequel?

4Players: Would you please like to introduce yourself, and what's your position at TT Games?

Jonathan Smith: My name is Jonathan Smith, I'm head of production at TT Games Publishing. We work as part of the TT Games group. We are joined together with Traveller's Tales, but we operate as different entities, to make LEGO games and in the future other games as well.

4Players: More Star Wars games as well?

Smith: Well, we don't have any plans we can talk about right now, I'm afraid. I'm sorry it's disappointing. We'd love to talk about some things we're trying, but we only want to talk about things when we're sure of them, when we got some things to show.

4Players: How did fans of LEGO Star Wars receive the second part? With the same enthusiasm as the first?

Smith: We've been surprised about how positiv reaction has LEGO Star Wars 2. We knew it was a better game, because we set out to make it a better game. We set
That's how the LEGO series started: The first Star Wars game mischievously portayed Episode I to III.

out to build upon the fundations of LEGO Star Wars 1, but just as with LEGO Star Wars 1 you can never be sure until people start buying the game off the shelves, and then you start reading what they're saying and you get e-mails and telephone calls coming into the office.

4Players: They actually call you?

Smith: Yes. Also, I live in a small village and everyone who goes to school with my children always tells me on the playground. That's our main focus group: All the other parents in the village. So, if there where anything wrong with the game it would be terrible for me to walk into school.

4Players: How did you get to make a Bionicle game? Was it a condition by LEGO so you could do Star Wars 2?

Smith: No, we have the exclusive rights from LEGO to make any game based on LEGO property. We are a separate company and we have our own seperate plans and business agenda. We make the games we want to make and we think it will be fun and successful.

4Players: Then I guess LEGO was very happy to have you make three games based on their franchise.

Smith: From our point of view, we are very lucky to have LEGO have invested so much in these properties and these characters over the years. It's a great start for us to have all those fans out there, eager to find out what we're going to make rather than to be launching something completely unknown.

4Players: Have you been working together with people from LEGO?

Smith: Absolutely! The creative teams in Denmark, where LEGO company is based, have been very supportive and helpful all the way through. The team at Traveller's Tales in Manchester in the UK is the development group who has been putting the whole game together, but we've drawn upon the expertise and knowledge at LEGO in all our character design and story telling.

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