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Special: Colin McRae: DiRT 2 (Rennspiel)

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Echte Rallye-Spiele in lizenzierten Boliden sind Mangelware geworden. Nach Titeln wie Richard Burns Rally, RalliSports Challenge oder Sonys WRC-Serie ist nur noch der Veteran übrig: Colin McRae Rally. Auch wenn der Namenspatron im September aufgrund eines tragischen Unfalls verstarb, rast der Schotte auf den Konsolen und dem PC weiter für seine Vormachtstellung. Wir haben uns mit Gaevon Raeburn darüber unterhalten, was wir von DiRT 2 erwarten können...

4Players: Hi! Please introduce yourself and tell us how you are involved in the development of DiRT 2...

Gavin Raeburn: Hello, my name's Gavin Raeburn and I'm Executive Producer on Colin McRae DiRT 2.

4Players: In DiRT you decided to go a similar way you did with Race Driver and offered lots
Executive Producer Gavin Raeburn promises many improvements for Colin McRae: Dirt 2.
of different (offroad) racing classes besides the WRC inspired rally events. You already seemed to cover all kinds of offroad sports. So is there still room for new classes in DiRT 2?

Gavin Raeburn: Yes! We're expanding on the variety of race disciplines and players can expect a wider selection of race formats, inspired by authentic contemporary off-road solo, multi-car, and multi-class racing. Traditional 'Rally' returns, of course, reinvigorated with all-new edge-of-your-seat courses through hazardous and beautiful locations around the world and the hugely popular 'Rallycross' also features for close battling racing. 'Raid' is a reinvention of DiRT's Rally Raid and will offer wide open point-to-point stages for multiple competitors to race the heavier off-road vehicles on terrain filled with natural obstacles. Also new to DiRT 2 is 'Trailblazer', a new hill climb event that takes drivers downhill too! Watch this space for more info soon.

4Players: What can you tell us about the career mode? Will it be similar to the one in DiRT or will there be a new approach?

Gavin Raeburn: In DiRT2's World Tour we're creating a journey for the player, which will encapsulate the spirit of off-road racing - it's about travelling the world in your RV, hitting off-road festivals and building your rep as a driver. Along the way you'll build friendships with the stars of the modern off-road world and these relationships help you move up the ladder. If you impress and get on well with the big names on the circuit, they'll invite you to cooler events and even offer to team up with you for major competitions. You explore new disciplines as you explore the world. Your off-roading career spans the globe as you unlock tours in diverse locations spread across the face of the planet. The USA, Japan, Malaysia, Croatia and others await, as you climb to the pinnacle of modern competitive off-roading.

4Players: What other game modes will there be?

Gavin Raeburn: We've tried to pack as much variety into the racing as possible and there are numerous challenge races available to try out against the other characters in the game. Additionally, there is a time trial mode where you can race against up to 5 ghost cars and post best times to the game's leaderboards. Naturally all the game modes are available online as well as off.

4Players: In the first game the online mode was kind of half baked, because you could neither race against other cars nor create own game sessions where you could actually choose a track instead of just voting. Do you have any new plans concerning online races?

Gavin Raeburn: We've listened to feedback from our community on DiRT's multiplayer features and responded wholeheartedly. DiRT 2 supports full online multiplayer and community integration, with online racing across all disciplines, plus leaderboards and other features that will enable you to keep you up-to-date on your friends' racing achievements. We'll reveal more in the coming months but we believe we're giving gamers the complete off-road online package and we're proud of what we're doing .

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Dirt war doof. Grid war doof. Dirt 2 scheint genauso doof zu werden, nur mit mehr Drumherrum, dass aber auch nichts reisst, wenn das Fahrverhalten wieder so schlecht ist :?
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