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Prologue 1.0 des Fan-Projektes Wing Commander Saga - basierend auf der Freespace 2 Grafik-Engine (Standalone-Version)

Wing Commander Saga Prologue:

Desperate to replace the combat losses suffered in the Battle of Terra, the Confederation has turned to its Officer Candidate School (OCS) programs to fill the ranks. You assume the role of 2nd Lieutenant David Markham, a recent OCS graduate in an accelerated flight training program on an aging, dilapidated carrier in a backwater system. Things are not always as they seem, however. Join with Markham's wingmates as he gets his first taste of the seemingly inevitable doom that the Kilrathi are preparing to unleash upon the Confederation. Fly patrols, work with your wingmen, and struggle to survive as the final battles for the fate of humanity begin to unfold. The Saga Prologue sets up the tone and the story for the epic struggle and apocalyptic finale you will experience in the full release of Wing Commander Saga. Are you ready for this?

  • Enhanced Freespace 2 engine with features such as autopilot, carrier landings, enhanced graphics and effects, and more
  • Entirely stand-alone, Freespace 2 not required
  • Breathtaking, high-detail models
  • Dozens of believable characters
  • Bountiful mission variety
  • Combat ranging from minor fighter skirmishes to full-scale fleet battles
  • Complex and compelling storyline
  • Complete voice acting by an original cast

The following features have been excluded from the demo:

  • Multiple environments including nebulas and mine fields
  • Command Briefings
  • Ship and weapons configuration
  • Multiplayer

Wing Commander Saga "The Darkest Dawn"*:

The flagship campaign of Wing Commander Saga, "The Darkest Dawn" * begins right before Wing Commander 3 and concludes with the ending of the Terran-Kilrathi War (whether or not the Terrans win depends on you).

It has been six months since the Battle of Earth, and inspite of new fighters, carriers, and technology joining the Fleet, the war effort is not going well. Everyday, more news of fresh defeats and losses make their way around the Confederation Forward Fleet, who have to face the possiblity that they will not be the ultimate victors.

You are based on the TCS Hermes, one of the handful of large carriers left on the front line. You play the role of Second Lieutenant David Markham, a pilot recently transferred to the Hermes.

Markham is no different from the other young idealistic rookies who are determined to make a name for themselves. Already having your metal tested and your outlook hardened by your time on the Wellington, you still dream of flying heroic strike missions deep into the heart of the Kilrathi Empire, finally bringing this decades long conflict to an end.

But all hopes and dreams are squashed by the burden of reality. In every system, the Confederation forces are badly outnumbered and outgunned. For every Kilrathi fighter and warship destroyed, 10 others takes their place. Comms from HQ order the abandonment of civilian colonies which the Confederation no longer has any strength to defend. The retreat is downward spiral leading to the final stand at Earth. It won't be very long till Markham experiences what the true nature War really is . ..

  • 35 Mission Campaign
  • Epic Storyline that complements, not contradict, the events portrayed by the Wing Commander 3 game and novel.
  • Updated models and textures of Confederation/Kilrathi fighters and warships
  • Improved Freespace 2 Engine offers large scale battles and fleet actions
  • Script written with cooperation from the Wing Commander Aces Club
  • Confederation and Kilrathi ships from Wing Commander 1-3 Eras
  • New canon vessels that had never been seen in the games before
  • Digital soundtrack from Wing Commander 3, 4, and the movie
  • Presence of other Confederation carrier battle groups and fighter squadrons gives large-scale teamwork environment  the Hermes does not fight the war alone

* work in progress title -- offizielle Website


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ich vvermisse nen betrunken aussehende abgehalfterten mark hamil
Ahragon schrieb am
Ich bin ja wirklich mal extrem überrascht, nachdem viele Mods ja nie das Tageslicht erblicken oder wenn doch eher mau sind ist es hier genau andersrum. Wer Wing Commander gern gespielt hat kommt sowieso nicht drumherum und wer Space Sims mag sollte auch Probe spielen. Die knapp 300 MB lohnen wirklich, man braucht auch nicht einmal Freespace. Klasse Voiceaction, sogar Zwischensequenzen und eine gelunge Soundkulisse, an der Optik gibts auch nix zu meckern.
Hoffe nur die nächste Version lässt nicht allzu lang auf sich warten, wird aber sicher trotzdem so sein ;)
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