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Modifikation "Pirates, Vikings & Knights II - Beta 2.2" (Patch von Version 2.1) für Half-Life 2 (Playerguide; offizielle Website)

Beta 2.2 is mainly a bug fix patch with some new features. Below I have listed a few of the new features, changes and fixes.

- Fixed arrows sometimes pushing the enemy towards the attacker instead of pushing him away.
- Added a delay before teams can be switched again after joining a team.
- Kegs that explode after the thrower has died no longer increase the special bar.
- Fixed berserking health boost not working correctly when the player already has the health boost for holding the grail
- Fixed Blunderbuss special reload exploit.
- Fixed pickup respawn issue in deathmatch maps.
- Fixed the grail overlay being too bright/obtrusive.
- Fixed attacks doing 1.4x the normal damage against the grail holder.
- Fixed +1 death caused by autoteambalance.
- Fixed some reported client-side crashes.

- Health and armor bars now flash white when getting the instant health and armor bonus for killing the grail carrier.
- Added a hud effect when being healed by the grail.
- Added support for loading maps/mod_textures_mapname.txt for support custom map custom death notices.
- Added Parrot Naming ability. Defaults to Polly (name can be changed in multiplayer advanced options).
- Added Donator Icons.
- Added a status_pvk2 console command which prints name steamid and parrot name for each player.

- Shields now block 80% of explosion damage.
- Damage taken from perfect parry now depends on the size of the opponent's weapon.
- Made keg fuse sound audible from longer distance.
- Chest and Keg Damage from being thrown increased slightly.
- Grail is automatically transferred to the killer of the carrier if close enough.
- The player who kills the grail carrier gets instant full hp and armor.
- Halved perfect block penalty damage.
- Parrots and crows are now mortal enemies, They also do less dmg to each other so that they dont die instant contact.
- Crows now add some special when killed.

A full list of features can be found in the readme here.


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