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Patch 1.1 für GREED: Black Border

Der Patch verbessert durch eine Überarbeitung des Memory-Managements insbeson-dere die Stabilität im Mehrspielermodus und führt die Möglichkeit ein, die Einzelspieler-Charaktere auch in den Mehrspieler Modus zu übernehmen.

GREED - Black Border Patch 1.1 info
-new feature: button to convert single-player to multi-player characters
-bugfix for "out-of-memory" issue
-multiplayer: various network connection issues solved
-multiplayer: network traffic / lag reduced
-multiplayer: bugfix player level progress can not get reduced anymore
-various crash bugfixes
-bugfix for "can not create thread" crash
-memory utilisation optimized
-Pause screen in multiplayer fixed
-multiplayer: visual effect sync issues fixed
-multiplayer: bugfix for inactive selected skills
-multiplayer: bugfix for incorrect damage after level change
-skill level info
-OpenAL update (v1.1 summer 09)
-speech file for "I don't need that now" message
-bugfix for skipped dialog after a skipped in-game sequence
-multiplayer: bugfix immortal players
-multiplayer: anicycle sync improved
-ultiplayer: bugfix invalid position of damage obstacles
-multiplayer: autosave at level-up
-multiplayer: improved smoothness of position update interpolation
-multiplayer: bugfix: shot fired in wrong direction
-multiplayer: medi pack / energy cell pick up bugfix
-shadow draw performance improved for glass shader
-various minor level design amendments
-a few sound settings tuned


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