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Patch 1.07 für ArmA II (Armed Assault II) von Version 1.05

The official update for ARMA 2 from 1.05 to 1.07 (including the Steam version, note that Verify file cache and autoupdate will not work properly until the full 1.07 is also out directly on Steam). This free update is sponsored by Sprocket, the online store where you can buy Arma 2 and other games directly from the developers.

This update is compatible ANY ORIGINAL VERSION OF ARMA 2 from 1.05.

-Numerous stability and peformance improvements
-Various multiplayer fixes and improvements
-Improved support for CPUs with 4 and more cores
-Larger file cache on systems with more RAM
-Sound improvements
-AI improvements

   [71721]  Game is now Large Address Aware, should improve stability and allow using more RAM with 64b OS.
   [71543]  File cache size increased a lot on systems with 4 GB RAM or more.
   [71484]  Fixed: C130 was crashing on takeoff.
   [71373]  Fixed crash
   [71143]  Improved: -cpuCount=4 is now default on computers with more than four logical CPUs to prevent hyperthreading causing performance problems.  If you want to use more CPUs, use -cpuCount=N to override this.
   [71117]  Optimized: Geometry loading in now optimized for multiple cores.  Extra threading now enabled by default on computers with more that 2 CPUs.  New possible -exThreads values: 5 (thread geometry loading only) and 7 (thread all)
   [70817]  Fixed: Crash while rendering some custom worlds, e.g Schmalfelden
   [70793]  Fixed: Character animation jerky after a unit disembarked a vehicle (
   [70790]  Fixed: Fps stayed low after spawning and deleted many units. See
   [70663]  New: Weather config values "size" and "height" for better control over the cloud layer.  Default values: size = 1.0; height = max(bright,0.6)
   [70661]  Improved: File handle management when more then 448 pbos are present is now more efficient.
   [70651]  Improved: Increased limits to prevent "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" error.
   [70650]  Fixed: Crash possible when loading map with older binarized format (pre 20, e.g. Schmalfelden).
   [70646]  Fixed: Some objects were shortly "flashing" while changing LODs.
   [70582]  Improved: Increased dynamic cloud layer visibility.
   [70493]  Fixed: Shadow artifacts visible on some windows while moving.
   [70484]  Fixed: Car horn not played in MP
   [70439]  Fixed: Transient z-fight-like shadows artifacts while zooming.
   [70372]  Fixed: AI vision was too good on moonless nights.
   [70198]  Fixed: Steam Overlay used during loading screen no longer disabled the keyboard.
   [70192]  New: Parameter exThreads=N to control extra threading.  Following values of N are currently supported: 0 = no extra threads, 1 = file operations, 3 = texture loading
   [69714]  "enablesimulation" fixed on dedicated server
   [69683]  VoN volume slider
   [68990]  Improved: Reduced stutter when looking around, esp. with visibility 5 km or more.
   [68694]  Reduced parallax map artifacts on sloped terrain.
   [68157]  HDRPrecision 16 or 32 respected when users selects it and card supports it.
   [68030]  MP: Changed bandwidth estimation defaults as almost all players use broadband connection.
   [67312]  Fixed: AI is now able to take off with Camel airplane addon.
   [67033]  Improved AI airplane landing from very high altitude.
   [66997]  Optimized: Grass not rendered when flying high and fast, should reduce stutter.
   [65703]  New: Units report when reloading in combat situations.
   [65703]  New: Units report when throwing grenades in combat situations.
   [65679]  Fixed: AI Units called "covering" repeatedly while reloading.
   [65656]  "Cover me", "Covering" was often told repeateadly after busy radio channel periods.
   [65605]  Optimized: Fixed problems caused on some Vista systems by running too many threads at the same time.
   [64561]  New: Scripting function hideObject.
   [64056]  Fixed: Shining glasses on head preview in "edit player" menu.
   [63164]  Changed: Removed relics from dynamic building destruction development, including scripting function deleteCollection.
   [63126]  Improved: AI airplane now aiming at the ground targets using rudder as well.
   [63126]  Fixed: Some AI airplanes oscillated sideways when flying slow.
   [62888]  Fixed: Improved helicopter aiming with unguided rockets.
   [62868]  Fixed: AT/RPG soldiers often missed targets.
   [62700]  Fixed: Spatial weapon sounds
   [62687]  Fixed: 3D resolution now maintained correctly when Alt-Tabbing.
   [62627]  Improved: "Invalid crew" config error no longer exits to desktop.
   [62533]  Fixed: The voice over net speech was often delayed more than required.
   [62532]  Fixed: The voice over net speech was often delayed more than required.
   [62492]  Fixed: Window size/position was not stored after a change.

 Fixes and improvements in most of the campaign, SP and MP missions

 Improved: armor on MLRS, Ikarus and armored HMMWV.
 Fixed: speed indicator on M1030 motocycle.
 Fixed: geometry on "Objects - Illuminant Tower".
 Fixed: get-in points in GRAD.
 Fixed: graphics artifact on T72 wreck and pickup wreck.
 Fixed: shadows on ammo-boxes.
 Improved: iron signs on Makarov, M9 and M9 SD
 Improved: penetrability on wrecks of vehicles.
 Fixed: zeroing of silenced G36.


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