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Patch 4.30 für Politik Simulator 2 (deutsche Version; Alternativtitel: "Rulers of Nations")

Version 4.30
New features & improvements :
- initialisation of carriers, tanks, and missiles launchers

Adjustments & corrections :
- building workforce
- parliament rules for former soviet republics
- Iran FIFA ranking
- Cyrillic characters
- Alsce region flag
- disappearing gaz wells
- donators/receivers countries
- electoral promises
- OPEC countries contracts negociations
- technologies theft
- 2nd request to organization affiliation

Modding-tool Patch :
New features & improvements :
- nuclear heads modding

Adjustments & corrections:
- soldiers after annexation
- passage rights reciprocity
- "king" title
- disappearing communication centers
- religions cancellation
- Lybian secret services
- "do not lose" function

Version 4.21
New features & improvements
-Use of custome kits in multiplayer mode
-New Russian foreign bases
-Turkey diplomatical alignment update
-Portugal update (energy sector)

Adjustments & corrections
-Service secret network correction/management issue
-Family benefits stuck at 0
-Impossible to burgle the HQ of other political party
-UN vote with every country instead of only the Security Council members
-Conflict end issues
-Units stuck during war
-Men/Women voice reversed
-Loop sound during building phase
-MToe display more accurate
-Interest rate variation
-Currency conversion
-Negotiation during contracts
-Natural disasters that never end
-Eversim Sect

Version 4.18
Added features & improvements
-interest rate management
-enter / leave the Euro
-exchange rate variation
-increasing army manpower is faster

Main corrections and adjustments
-country annexation
-popularity jump due to unexplained deficit
-network objective management
-black map
-location adjustment (in Japan, Greece, UK)
-operation to regularize the situation of illegal immigrants
-oil sale


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