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Patch 1.01 für Private Military Company

PMC changelog 1.00-1.01
-Fixed: Shadow artifact on bridge on Proving Grounds map.
-Changed: XM8 optics reworked.
-Fixed: XM8 Front grip
-New: Ammo create with PMC weapons.

PMC Missions changelog 1.00-1.01
-Added: Campaign teaser including CP00 and trailer.
-Fixed: CP10A - The Boss was not leaving the villa when in danger.
-Fixed: CP10A - Player was not able to finish the Boss from distance.
-Fixed: CP08B - Group callsign was "Sword", not "Spear".
-Fixed: CP08A - Player was not able to access helicopter gear menu.
-Fixed: CP07 - Client UAV re-enabled again.
-Fixed: CP05 - Mission did end before conversation was finished.
-Fixed: CP02 - Dixon fired only once, causing mission not to continue.
-Fixed: CP00 - Mortar explosions now occur further away from player.
-Fixed: Backpack content is now saved between CP05 and CP06.


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