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Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod v1.0

The WW2 Mod REQUIRES Battlefield Vietnam v1.1 or higher to run.
Download: Patch 1.1 (129,8 MB)

The WW2 mod is a partial conversion of the original Battlefield 1942 to the updated engine of Battlefield Vietnam. The most popular maps of the Pacific Theater have been transferred to the new engine. This theater comes to life like never before using the overgrowth and undergrowth that made BFV such a hit. All of the characters, weapons, and vehicles have also been redone to make use of the advanced BFV rendering engine. The original BF1942 content married to the gameplay tweaks introduced in BFV combine to create a whole new Battlefield experience.

Mortars add a new dimension to the maps, but the biggest addition are the new flame throwers. These are devestating close range anti-infantry weapons, best used to clear structures or block paths with a wall of flame. They are very effective against scout cars, but are considerably less effective against armoured vehicles.

Levels included in the WW2mod:
-Invasion of the Philippines
-Iwo Jima
-Wake Island

The levels contain all the vehicles and weapons included in their BF1942 counterparts. All 3 levels are compatible with single-player and Co-Op modes.

The WW2 mod is not compatible with Custom Combat.

--- More Infos ---

Q: Why did you decide to create this Mod?
A: EA approached us with the idea, and DICE agreed that bringing some Battlefield 1942 (BF1942)content up to par with Battlefield Vietnam (BFV) would be a great way to show the modding community just how powerful the BFV engine is. After realizing the kind of impact the overgrowth system in BFV had on the gameplay, everyone in the studio began imagining how cool some of the original BF1942 levels would look and play. The Pacific maps really show off the improvements in visual quality and level design potential that the new rendering engine and overgrowth systems provide.

Q: How soon after release of BFV did work begin?
A: Work began on the WWII Mod in early April of 04, so less than a month after BFV launched.

Q: What do you think the BFV engine brings to the classic BF1942 maps you’re including?
A: Well, the rendering engine allowed us to create some beautiful new vehicle, weapon, and soldier textures, making the battlefield really come alive. But the biggest impact here has got to be the overgrowth system. The grass and trees make for a much more immersive experience, but they also have a big impact on the gameplay. There is a lot more cover for infantry, making it really dangerous for armoured vehicles to go off-roading. You never know when a landmine is hiding in the bush! The trees not only give extra cover during infantry fire fights, but they give the ground pounders a little more protection against aircraft fire. In BFV, you have essentially 8 different kits to choose from, compared to only 5 in BF1942. We have created an interesting mix of kits that should really expand on the core BF1942 balance without stretching it too much. For instance, we’ve added the mortar to a kit, which really opens up a ton of new strategies on the Pacific maps. And of course, adding armed passengers to vehicles like the jeeps, landing craft, and PT boat rafts makes these vehicles much more fun to use. The radios blasting out the BF1942 themes we’ve all come to love is a really fun addition!

Q: Tell us a little about the flamethrower. Which class can use this? Just how devastating is it in combat?
A: The flamethrower kit is a spawned object that can be picked up and used by any soldier, just like the jet pack in Secret Weapons of WWII. The flamethrower is devastating in close combat, but its range is also the main weakness. It’s the perfect weapon for clearing houses and bunkers, but not the best choice when out in the open. Any object the flame touches will burn for several seconds, making it useful for sealing the entrances and exits from key locations.

Do you have a planned date for the release of the Mod?
A: You bet we do! Check this web space tomorrow morning (8/20/04) and you will be able to download it

Additional Info on the Mod (tips & hints)

Just as they were important tools in BFV, mortars are just as deadly in the WWII Mod. Have a spotter give you a target (which is available via binoculars for assault and sniper classes), and hold back enemy advances. An example of this is holding the enemy down with mortars as they try to make their way down Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribayachi or across its Landing Beach.

These add a new dynamic to CP defense. A soldier can hide near the flag next to an ammo crate (like in a nearby house), and put down some good defense…via continual flaming of the flag (to avoid enemy capture). This can work against this tactic however, since flames do indeed travel through walls. Knowing this, an enemy flame throwing soldier can douse this building’s exterior and eliminate this particular defender. Flamethrowers must be used with caution. Their range is short and can easily kill fellow teammates if they are nearby your targeted area.

The WWII Mod uses physics from BFV. With that, the Japanese Panzershrek and US Bazooka share splash physics with BFV’s RPG and LAW. Panzershrek and Bazooka can be shot at your enemies feet and send them flying in the air.

WWII Mod allows players to listen to classic BF1942 music in their vehicle via radio (or listen to their mp3’s). Knowing this, enemies can also hear this music. Avoid using radio upon stealth approaches in order to avoid giving your position away.

The WWII Mod bots react just as they did in BFV. Players have the ability to request bots to follow them, cover them, among other things.

All the classic stunts from BF1942 return (some of which were difficult to do in BFV). WWII Mod players can wing walk across plane wings, ride atop the hoods/roofs of vehicles, and pack TNT in the back of the Black Medal jeep for kamikaze approaches.

BFV’s landmines would explode the moment they were placed on vehicles. In the WWII Mod, this has been changed as they didn’t do this in BF1942. You can once again booby trap vehicles as you did in BF1942…by placing mines on them.

The medic indicator function has returned, for players who missed out in BFV (only was available for BFV’s Special Forces team). Medic classes in the WWII Mod will see health number indicators above teammate nametags. If enabled on the server, soldier will get warnings on their minimap (and via voice over warning) indicating enemy flag capture attempts, just like BFV. This feature can be turned off on the server to get a true BF1942 emulation (not getting a warning when an enemy is trying to attack your flag).

Seeing as the medic class has a highly inaccurate weapon, and the Type 5/M1 Garand are slow firing…the work horse kit for your team will be the BAR and Type 99. These guns have decent range and aim when your soldier is stationary, and cause most damage to the enemy.

3D Map
The 3d map. This feature returns from BFV, and is helpful to see any kinds of traps to avoid that are set by your teammates. Make sure to enable this to avoid running over your teammate’s mines or TNT.

The jeeps (Black Medal and Willy) and transport boats (Daihatsu, Higgins, and US/Japanese life rafts) now include exposed passenger positions. In this case, its seat #2 for the Black Medal/Willy, seat #2 for the life rafts (which spawn upon sinking of the PT boats in Invasion of the Philippines), and seats #4 and #6 for the Daihatsu/Higgins. Soldiers sitting in these seats can repair them (via wrench), or put down cover fire (via BAR/Type 99) while the vehicle is moving.


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