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Inoffizieller "High Resolution Patch" (1024x768) für die englische Version von C&C95 (Quelle)

Nyerguds' High Resolution Patch for C&C95

This totally rewritten patch allows you to switch C&C95 to 1024x768 resolution and back without needing any additional tools. The game will read the resolution setting straight out of the game's original configuration file, which can be edited with the updated configuration tool.

This also means that, unlike in the older patch, you can still play the game in its normal resolution, even after installing this.

Created by Nyerguds <nyerguds[at]gmail[dot]com>

French and German versions coming soon.


The patch pack should contain three files:

Updated game executable. This C&C95.exe file is fully patched with VK's 1.05 patch and Komfr's stealth crash fix.

Contains the updated layout graphics and some map fixes for the first two GDI campaign missions

Updated ccsetup.exe with new resolution added to the list.


Extract the files in your C&C95 directory, overwriting the original files.

You can always backup the old files, but this is not really necessary, since this pack still allows you to play the game in its original resolution anyway.


To play the game in 1024x768, simply start CCSETUP.EXE and select the new resolution from the list.

Unlike the older hi-res tools, this will not do any hacks in C&C95.exe. It will simply edit the game's configuration file CONQUER.INI and put the Resolution setting to value "2". The updated C&C95.exe does the rest :)


1. Savegames:

There is an odd bug in the game which makes the sidebar unusable after loading a game that was saved when playing with a different screen width. Because of this, I have decided to completely separate the savegames for the 1024x768 resolution. This means you can't use older savegames in this mode. In fact, The game will not even show them in your list. The new hi-resolution savegames will use the filenames "SAVEG_HI.???" instead of "SAVEGAME.???".

2. Small missions:

The first campaign missions for each side will be smaller than the screen resolution, which gives some odd graphical bugs. Most of these are fixed by just touching the edge of the screen with your cursor (to scroll) and then opening and closing the main menu.

3. minimap crash on small missions:

Another more serious bug is the fact that C&C95 will crash when trying to display a minimap in a mission that is smaller than the screen resolution. However, since none of the smaller C&C missions allow you to have a communications center, this should not be a problem.

Because of this bug, I will not release any more patches to play C&C95 in a higher resolution than 1024x768, since it will make the problem occur on campaign missions where you CAN get a minimap.


The updated CCSETUP.EXE has a small bug that causes it not to show any selected resolution when you have saved it to 1024x768. However, the program still functions 100% like it should despite this small graphical bug. If you press [OK] while keeping no resolution selected, the tool will still save the result as if you had selected 1024x768.

Special Thanks To:

for making the original hi-res hack, and for helping me out with some problems I had. And for his stealth crash fix :)

For giving me his handy assembler tool.

for helping me with Assembler when I just started.

TODO list:

-Port to German and French version
-Fix small Nod campaign maps

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Nyerguds' The First Decade fixes page:

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leonzo schrieb am
mit der dt. 10jahre edition klappts bei mir nicht...weiß nicht wies mit der u.s. ausschaut...
Ilove7 schrieb am
Funktioniert der patch auch mit der version aus dem 10 jahre pack, jemand ausprobiert?
schrieb am