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Der Patch für Söldner - Secret Wars bzw. Söldner - Marine Corps aktualisiert den Ego-Shooter auf Version 33673, wenn die installierte Version kleiner als v33670 ist.

Balancing Changes:
- oicw changed to 6 magazines
- vintorez changed to 6 magazines
- Explosion Radius for Pzf 3, Law80, RPG18, M136AD4 launchers decreased.
- KillEnergy for Pzf. 3 changed (no demage to front of mbt, 3 shots from side, 2 from back)
- Groza Recoil Factor in Zoomed Position increased.
- P90 KillEnergyFalloff decreased Accuracy increased.
- Price for Pzf 3 set to 2800 and prices for Steyer TMP, KG9, Calico set to 700.
- M20 grenades are more powerful ( 1 direct hit - 2 bars Health left)
- TNT greandes have less throwing power ( max 100m)
- Alhambra grenades less throwing power (max 100m)
- Armor of all Helis reduced (you are able to kill with 1 shot of rocket louncher 3)
- Power of the Helicopter MG's reduced.
- adjusted Velocity of Helis to more realistic values
- Eaglereece machinegun changed less powerful and armor reduced
- BTR-90 power of maingun increased ( BTR-90 is able to kill BTR-90)
- Luchs Armor reduced so BTR-90 is able to kill Luchs
- MowagEegleRace Armor reduced (burning by a Law80)
- Air strike changed back to original values of 33670
- Stinger damage reduced and speed increased (Heli closed to base is not able to fire Flares before rocket comes in).
- Javalin damage reduced (2 Shots for MBT) and price reduced to 7500. now with 2 rockets
- Knife changed distance and power
- Ak47 more recoil less damage
- Five seven demage reduced
- Shotguns range increased
- MP's range increased
- Flashbang changed, more powerful and longer throwing range
- Stungrenade bigger effect range
- Portal Name changed again from Wings to ProjectZ
- Fennek power of MG degreased a little bit
- Wiesel MK20 price changed Armor increased
- Wiesel Tow Armor increased and Tow demage increased (same value now as Humvee Tow)
- Wiesel Ozelot Price changed
- Avenger Price changed
- M113 price changed
- gaz66 livepoints and armor reduced a little
- eqz LKW livepoints and armor reduced a little
- ural LKW livepoints and armor reduced a little
- hdt10 livepoints changed like to old value of gaz66 600
- 600Dingo price changed
- Fennek price changed
- KSKWOLF price changed
- vbl price changed
- mungo price changed
- Rooikat and centauro prices inverted
- apc price changed
- brdm1atgm livepoints changed like to old value of gaz66
- FALRAKpz roland top armor increased to same as side armor
- cv90 damage of maingun increased to same value as bradley
- t63 price changed
- type 93 price changed
- LittleBirds and PahBo armor reduced (MG3 will kill within a few seconds)
- tornado rockets changed from gbu12 zu gbu15 camera guided

Bugs fixed:
- Type 85 camera issue
- AK47 reload sound

Map Changes:
- added new map: riverside-2, which is an alternative version to the old one, it's placed on the same coordinates like riverside, thus, changes are visible on both maps, but spawn points, etc. are different.
- added new map: Bruma(Infantry Map)
- added on powerbase at both hq's and at cq_bravo so called "trenches"(schützengräben)
- added at Villariva.vs.Villbajo the neutral airport again
- increased performance on borderline
- some optimizations on caledonia: deleted the CP_airport as a conquerable base, added stinger-stands at both
- hq's and at cq_delta, optimized the whole terrain on caledonia
- increased performance on map: Save the bridge
- added some gameplay issues on armybase
- increased performance on Damaskus(only on island left, where u can buy helicopters)

Source Code Changes:
Major changes are done at python and c++ source:
Implemented basic xfire support.
LanServer changed, so you are able to run up to 4 Soldner Servers in Lan Mode at a single machine.


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