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Modifikation Broken Crescent v1.0 für Medieval 2: Total War mit einer vollständig neuen Kampagne im mittelalterlichen Orient und Indien

Hinweis: Kleinere Bugfixes findet ihr im Forum (vor allem in der Anfangsphase nach der Veröffentlichung).

- 17 historisch recherchierte Nationen
- neue Karte von Anatolien bis nach Indien
- 300 neue Einheiten
- verbesserte Schlachtdynamik und KI
- verbesserte Kampagne und Diplomatie
- neue Titel und Charakter-Eigenschaften basierend auf dem kulturellen Hintergrund
- neuer Soundtrack
- uvm.

Broken Crescent wird separat zum Originalspiel (Medieval 2 Total War - Patch 1.2 oder höher vorausgesetzt; Patch v1.2 (644 MB); Patch v1.3 (521 MB)) installiert und über einen eigenen Link gestartet. Das Originalspiel wird nicht verändert und kann weiter gespielt werden (offizielle Website).

Welcome to Broken Crescent

Broken Crescent is the premier total conversion modification for Medieval 2: Total War that brings the warring states of the medieval middle east to life in all its full and colorful glory. The year is 1174 and the many great warlords, sultans, kings and emperors hold sway over rich lands of the east. It is your job to take any one of the 16 brand new factions into glory and domination. Broken Crescent features of 300 brand new artistically crafted units and a gorgeous new grand campaign map that spans from Anatolia and Egypt in the west, through the lands of Mesopotamia and Persia and into the lands of Khorasan, and India in the east. Broken Crescent includes new campaign features, scripted Crusades and Mongol invasions, balanced strategic gameplay and army compositions, GrandViz's Ultimate battle and campaign AI and much much more.

Broken Crescent 1.0 requires of Medieval 2: Total War, patched to 1.2 or 1.3. The Broken Crescent team is not responsible for any problems arising from other installed mods or modification of the core vanilla data files. It is recommended that you have a fresh install of Medieval 2: Total War and then patched to 1.2 or 1.3.

**Basic Facts
The Broken Crescent campaign features a gameworld spanning from Anatolia to India with upwards of 180 provinces. The campaign game it 2 turns per years, with character aging set at the same rate. The gameplay dates are from 1174 till 1400 give the player 450 turns to dominate and gain victory in the campaign.

**City Vs Castle Setup
Broken Crescent features a contrasted recruitment system whereby most of your core native roster will be available from the barrack, ranges and stables of castles. Towns and cities will first only yield low quality levies that are determines by the region you are in and in later tiers feature native middle tier infantry or dismounted missile units.

**Campaign AI, Diplomacy and Balancing
Broken Crescent features GrandViz's Ultimate AI geared and modified for BC. It is a total revision of the vanilla campaign AI that helps create a more discerning AI faction, reasonable alliances and backstabbing, and an AI that attacks with massive armies. Diplomacy has been totally revised to lower random declarations of war, helpful allies, more gradual decline or increase in faction standings, tougher and smarter AI diplomatic counter proposals and negotiations. Core campaign settings have been set also by GrandViz to form a more balanced and restrained settlement and economic growth model, increased corruption, tax penalties and more money from merchants, trade and farming. Settlement growth has been capped to allow for slower growth and fewer and more important major settlements.

**Battle AI
Broken Crescent also features GrandViz's latest battle AI which allows for longer lasting battles, improved sieges, vastly superior flanking and skirmishing behavior, better pathfinding and realistic terrain modifiers. BC also features 6 new AI formations by GrandViz that is used by the AI totally dependent on army composition - creating a more challenging and adaptive enemy.

**AOR Setup
All factions have a area of recruitment of a specific range of provinces which it can recruit its roster units from. Regional city levies are tied to the specific area that the settlement is in. The exception to AOR are tribal cavalry units, in particular Turkomans and other naturally nomadic riders.

**Besieging Penalty
When a player has over 5 settlements a 500 denarii deduction will be made whenever a player's captain or general besieges a settlement. Sieges are costly affairs and the sooner they are over the better, this deduction will motivate the player to take settlements by force rather than waiting out the siege - a tactic which will now cost you.

**Slave System
Many Muslim factions have access to a 4 tier "Slave System" available in specific important settlements. These buildings allow for access and recruitment of special slave "Ghulam" warriors. Factions like Seljuks, Abbasids, Ghorids & Ghaznavids get access to a good variety of ghulam warriors. While the Ayyubids and Turks get access to their respective Mamluk and Janissary Corps. The Khwarezm, Oman and Sindh do not have access to any Ghulam warriors, but can build the slave series buildings for its administrative and order benefits.

**KoJ Orders Setup
The Kingdom of Jerusalem gets special early access to powerful Templar and Hospitaller knights through specialty order buildings. Templar Order Houses are 2 tiers and buildable in all castles across the entire map, they give both financial, order, religion benefits and of course templar knights. Hospitaller chapter houses are also 2 tiers but are available in all towns and cities and give, health, religion bonuses and of course hospitaller knights. These powerful knights will be extremely important in wars that will find your fledgling kingdom on the knife's edge.

**New Trade Buildings
There are 4 new trade series buildings certain factions to exploit, each series being 3 tiers. From most financially beneficial to least:
- Silk Road series: Buildable from central asia to armenia and syria. (all)
- Mediterranean Trade series: Buildable on the Mediterranean coast cities (KoJ, ERE, Armenia, Georgia)
- Indian Ocean Trade series: Buildable on the Indian ocean, Red Sea and Gulf cities (Muslim, Rajput, Makuria)
- Steppe Trade Series: Buildable on the great northern steppe. (Kypchaks)

**The Crusades
When playing a Muslim faction, be careful how you tread on the Franks of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Attacking and capturing the settlements of Jerusalem, Jaffa or Acre will result in continuous Crusader armies emerging from Europe to take back the holy city. There will be different armies and commanders arriving during different periods, from Barbarossa and Richard in the early era to Louis and Leopold in the later era.

**Call of the Crusade
When playing the Kingdom of Jerusalem you have the ability to call for reinforcements from Europe via 3 building options in Acre, Jaffa and Jerusalem respectively. These represent basically 3 "chances" to call for a lifeline in a form of an army. They can be denied or accepted. The most assured way of ensuring crusader reinforcement arrives is to use this option when you have lost either Jaffa, Jerusalem or Acre. Another less assured factor is the current expanse of the Ayyubid Sultanate. If they control all of Egypt and Syria, including Aleppo then the papal father may indeed see this as a valid enough threat to authorize reinforcements.

**Call of the Horde
When playing the Kypchaks you get an automatic ability to trigger an event that spawns powerful armies of the horde that you can use to invade and raid neighbouring territories. To trigger the "Call of the Horde" you have to conquer all the rebel states of the Steppe and Rus north of Byzantium and the Caucusus. Conquer a swathe from Itil to Kiev and Ryazan to Majar and the hordes will assemble to expand your Khanate to whatever new lands you wish.


DrNique schrieb am
Ich hab mir die Mod runtergeladen, aber es startet nicht!
Könnt ihr mir bitte helfen?? Hatte es schonmal installiert un versucht die bugs zu beheben, doch bin gescheitert :oops:
RyuKawano schrieb am
Welches von den beiden Mods uAI und BC soll ich nehmen? Hab früher immer uAI in der letzten Version 1.6 genommen. Mich interessiert eigentlich mehr die KI und das realistische Diplomatievorgehen, kann ich da jetzt auch BC nehmen weils aktueller ist?
Imperator Xaar I schrieb am
Kann mir mal jemand sagen wie ich den mod richtig installire??oder besser gesagt wie starte ich das programm.oder liegts vielleicht daran das ich vista habe.danke im voraus. :wink:
GrandViZ schrieb am
Mein Nickname bei ist derselbe: GrandViZ.
Ich bin der Schöpfer des Ultimate AI Mod und Mitgestalter des Broken Crescent Mod.
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