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Der offizielle Patch v1.0.8 für die PC-Version von Halo entfernt den CD-Check beim Start und behebt einige Server-Probleme. Den Patch für die "Halo Custom Edition" findet ihr hier.

This is build, and is the official version of the test release from the other day. To give you confidence that you're playing on a patched server, this build is not backwards-compatible with old servers, nor will the new server work with old clients. For this reason, I'm posting the patches here a day and a half before I'll mark them for auto-updating in-game. This way, server operators have a little time to roll out the new bits before Friday's auto-patch of the client.

If you haven't been following the pre-release threads, this patch contains several fixes for server-crashing security bugs, and that's it. As I have discussed elsewhere, anti-aimbotting is an arms race that we're not going to enter for this old game, and this patch doesn't address that or any other feature-level changes. I should also note that Bungie does not officially support Halo PC (which is owned by Microsoft, not Bungie) but since the build machine is under my desk and not at MS, I fixed these several bugs as a favor to the community. I can't promise any future support, nor can I open-source the code for community development.


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