NBA Ballers: Chosen One Xbox 360 Achievements (Erfolge)


Spieletipps: Erfolge

  1. Respect
    10 Achievement
    Watched the Credits Movie in its entirety
  2. Loser
    0 Achievement
    Lost 5 Consecutive Ranked Matches
  3. Own the Court
    50 Achievement
    Own the Court
    Perform a 7-Move Combo String in Single Player Game Modes
  4. Just Getting Started
    50 Achievement
    Just Getting Started
    Complete Your First Chapter of Story Mode
  5. Pass the Rock!
    20 Achievement
    Pass the Rock!
    Complete an Alley-Oop from your Pass-To Buddy in a Single Player 1v1 or Xbox LIVE Match
  6. Show Off!
    100 Achievement
    Show Off!
    Perform a Level 3 Shut 'Em Down Move in a Single Match in Single Player Game Modes
  7. Big Air
    50 Achievement
    Big Air
    Make a 3-pt. Shot in a 2v2 match beyond the Half-Court Line in Single Player Game Modes
  8. Achiever
    25 Achievement
    Perform a Level 3 Shut 'Em Down Move in any Ranked Match
  9. Show-n-Prove
    25 Achievement
    Perform a Shut 'Em Down Move in a Ranked Match
  10. Dedicated
    100 Achievement
    Win 25 Ranked Matches
  11. Getting Into It
    25 Achievement
    Getting Into It
    Win 5 Ranked Matches
  12. Takin' it Downtown
    10 Achievement
    Takin' it Downtown
    Win Your First Ranked Match on Xbox LIVE
  13. Double Double
    100 Achievement
    Double Double
    Defeat every Episode of Story Mode twice
  14. Can't Stop the Reign
    100 Achievement
    Can't Stop the Reign
    Unlock all Super Dunks
  15. Hall-of-Fame!
    200 Achievement
    Defeat Episode 6
  16. Legend!
    50 Achievement
    Defeat Episode 5
  17. Dynasty!
    40 Achievement
    Defeat Episode 4
  18. 3-Pointer
    25 Achievement
    Defeat Episode 3
  19. Jump Shot
    25 Achievement
    Jump Shot
    Defeat Episode 2
  20. Free Throw
    25 Achievement
    Free Throw
    Defeat Episode 1

Publisher: Midway
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