Rapala Tournament Fishing Xbox 360 Achievements (Erfolge)

Publisher: Activision
kein Termin

Spieletipps: Erfolge

  1. Tournament Completion
    50 Achievement
    Tournament Completion
    Finish the Tournament game mode.
  2. Tournament Master
    40 Achievement
    Tournament Master
    Finish the Tournament game mode in first place (Gold Medal).
  3. Rapala Series
    25 Achievement
    Rapala Series
    Finish the Rapala Series event.
  4. American Tour
    25 Achievement
    American Tour
    Finish the American Tour event.
  5. Lund Series
    25 Achievement
    Lund Series
    Finish the Lund Series event.
  6. Elite Tour
    25 Achievement
    Elite Tour
    Finish the Elite Tour event.
  7. Ranger Tour
    25 Achievement
    Ranger Tour
    Finish the Ranger Tour event.
  8. Legends Series
    25 Achievement
    Legends Series
    Finish the Legends Tour event.
  9. Rapala Pro Tournament
    25 Achievement
    Rapala Pro Tournament
    Finish the Rapala Pro Tournament event.
  10. Time Challenge Completion
    50 Achievement
    Time Challenge Completion
    Finish the Time Challenge game mode.
  11. Arcade Challenge Completion
    50 Achievement
    Arcade Challenge Completion
    Finish the Arcade Challenge game mode.
  12. Bass Champion
    20 Achievement
    Bass Champion
    Catch 40 Bass.
  13. Perch Champion
    20 Achievement
    Perch Champion
    Catch 40 Perch.
  14. Trout Champion
    20 Achievement
    Trout Champion
    Catch 40 Trout.
  15. Catfish Champion
    20 Achievement
    Catfish Champion
    Catch 40 Catfish.
  16. Salmon King
    20 Achievement
    Salmon King
    Catch 20 King Salmon.
  17. Fish Master
    25 Achievement
    Fish Master
    Catch every fish in the game at least once.
  18. Fishing Boat Expert
    20 Achievement
    Fishing Boat Expert
    Use all boats at least once in a tournament event.
  19. Shore Fishing Expert
    20 Achievement
    Shore Fishing Expert
    Catch at least 15 different fish species casting only from the shores.
  20. Master of Deceivement
    135 Achievement
    Master of Deceivement
    Finish the Tournament game mode with every character in the game at least once.
  21. Fishing Rod Expert
    25 Achievement
    Fishing Rod Expert
    Catch at least 20 fish using every rod in the game.
  22. Fishing Reel Expert
    25 Achievement
    Fishing Reel Expert
    Catch at least 20 fish using every reel in the game.
  23. Fishing Line Expert
    25 Achievement
    Fishing Line Expert
    Catch at least 20 fish using every fishing line in the game
  24. Lure Master
    75 Achievement
    Lure Master
    Use each lure at least 10 times.
  25. Lure Apprentice
    25 Achievement
    Lure Apprentice
    Catch at least 10 Lake Sturgeon using a single lure type.
  26. Lure Expert
    25 Achievement
    Lure Expert
    Catch at least 30 Chain Pickerel using a single lure type.
  27. Lure Specialist
    50 Achievement
    Lure Specialist
    Catch at least 60 King Salmon using a single lure type.
  28. Always Ready
    25 Achievement
    Always Ready
    Catch your first fish within the first 2 minutes of entering a new tournament fishing day.
  29. Quick Fishing
    40 Achievement
    Quick Fishing
    Catch your first 3 fish in a new tournament fishing day in less then 6 minutes.
  30. Bad Weather
    20 Achievement
    Bad Weather
    Catch at least 40 fish while in bad weather.